If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

Something that comes up often when we are working toward a goal — whether it’s starting a business, investing in a new side hustle, or setting out on a new fitness journey — is choosing when to listen to other people’s opinions (and when not to).  If you’re not careful, it can be the exact thing to set you back …


Time-blocking: Why I Don’t (And Never Will) Use This Approach To Managing My Time.

  On a recent episode of the Driven podcast we discussed having a linear vs non-linear approach to planning a product or business launch, which got me thinking about time management… It’s almost comical how many times smart, productive, well-meaning people have told me, “you just need to time block” when I expressed frustrations in the past about my own …


More than food, but sometimes FOOD.

More than Food, But Sometimes Food | Diane Sanfilippo

You know what? I realized that trying to only share one type of content via my @dianesanfilippo Instagram account is just not my vibe. If you follow @balancedbites, you’ll see just food or food-related content. Maybe one day I’ll open a separate account where I talk about other things. But, on an account with my name, I simply can’t not …


Strategies for Overcoming Fear

Strategies for Overcoming Fear | Diane Sanfilippo

Learning strategies for overcoming fear is something major you all have expressed a desire to read about here on the blog. It can seem daunting when you want to try something new, to be faced with the fears that will arise. I’ve been thinking for some time now about how to best verbalize the strategies I’ve used to overcome fear …


Taking the Leap to Start a Business

Taking the Leap to Start Your Business | Diane Sanfilippo

Taking the leap to start your business (and overcoming *the scaries*). It can be scary to take the leap to start your own business. Whether you’re starting something from scratch, creating a program or product, looking for a small side hustle, or you’re working on building a network marketing business, it’s never easy. Some of the most common fears I …


How I balance multiple businesses

How I balance multiple businesses | Diane Sanfilippo

How I balance multiple businesses Recently, via my Instagram stories, you all told me that you want to know how I balance multiple businesses. Some of what you wanted to know most: how I plan my day, handle tasks, and prioritize. I don’t recommend you take this post as my recommendations for how you should operate in your life, but …

3 Ways to Avoid Fighting: Communicating Through a Disagreement.

3 Ways to Avoid Fighting: Communicating Through a Disagreement. | Diane Sanfilippo

I have a handful of insights on this idea wanting to avoid fighting. I consider this more like communicating through a disagreement, since that’s what fighting really is, isn’t it? When emotions are running high, however, and we can feel on the defensive because we’re disagreeing, we can feel like we need to “fight.” I think considering this a time …


How to monetize anything: my personal secrets to success.

My personal secret to success when monetizing anything. | Diane Sanfilippo

This may not come as a surprise if you’ve been following my work for any amount of time, but I know a lot of you are wondering how to monetize anything (or something in particular). A combination of the following elements are what I consider to be the *secret sauce* to allow you to monetize anything (aka: sell anything): 1. …

Busting myths about becoming a Beautycounter Consultant

Busting Myths About Becoming a Beautycounter Consultant | Diane Sanfilippo

On the heels of recent marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements, I decided now is a good time to address the business of Beautycounter. There are many questions and concerns folks have about Beautycounter as a business. “Is Beautycounter a pyramid scheme?” “If the products are so great, why aren’t they just sold in traditional retail stores?” “I’ve heard something like …


Say yes.

Say yes | Diane Direct

This never changes, no matter where you are in your journey or which path you’re on. You can choose to say yes or no to opportunities. And discerning between opportunities and distractions is not always easy! In fact, that decision making process is a skill that needs to be honed, a muscle that must be consistently worked. And there will …