Set Boundaries to Build Trust

I’m endlessly fascinated by what it means to set boundaries, both from the intent to self-protect, AND from the intent to build healthier, more honest, and more meaningful relationships.

My latest musings bring me to several conclusions, one of which is that we set boundaries to build trust.

When someone respects a boundary, it makes them – and us – feel safe. It feels like the other person trusts you enough to know what’s best for you, and it feels like they are confident enough to know that your boundary isn’t intended to push them away or to reject them.

Guys… whoa. Right?

Don’t we all want to be surrounded by confident people we can trust?

Don’t we want to know where we stand with other people, and not walk on eggshells around them or constantly be trying to win their affection?

And know that they will take what we say seriously and not disrespect or dismiss our words as if we don’t know what we need?

Set boundaries so those around you can know and trust what to expect of your exchanges. Respect boundaries so those around you know you’re a safe space for them.

How has this shown up in your relationships?

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