Hi. I’m Diane.

I’m here to help you grow your business with authenticity.


Marketing Essentials

  • Get strategic tools in place to capture and convert leads
  • Learn how to utilize social media & email marketing to connect with your unique customer
  • Understand how to evolve your marketing plan as you launch new products or service

This program is perfect for entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of your business and need help finding focus, zeroing in on what matters most, and cutting through the noise of what you “should” be doing in order to create a strong foundation for your marketing success. In this program, we’ll cover the essentials of branding (beyond a logo), pricing & promotions, email marketing, social media, and more.

What People Are Saying...

"Diane has an intuitive approach to business that is both unique and profound. Over the many years of our working relationship, she’s has always provided the best, most well-rounded, thoughtful, and ACCURATE advice. She’s one of my most trusted and most cherished advisors."

Cassy Joy Garcia

NYT bestselling author of "Cook Once Dinner Fix" & editor in chief of fedandfit.com

“I trust Diane’s coaching because she has built and ran multiple successful businesses in the same industries I’m passionate about! She’s a true entrepreneur who speaks from experience and there’s nothing more valuable in a mentor than that.”

Liz Wolfe Creator of Athletic Mom and bestselling author of "Eat the Yolks"

“For years, Diane has played an integral role in my business development as a budding entrepreneur. I can always count on her to give me honest, direct and individualized feedback based on her decades of experience while keeping in mind what’s best for me and my business. Diane is in tune with my needs and desires for business growth and I appreciate her no BS approach. Anyone would be lucky to work with Diane to learn the ins and outs and ups and downs of entrepreneurship.”

Laney Schwartz Creator of Cook With Confidence & blogger at lifeisbutadish.com

Business Building Archives

Check out my two business podcasts with content centered around how to build your business in a way that works for you.

67 Episode Archive

Driven, my most recent podcast about entrepreneurship and owning and operating a small business.

55 Episode Archive

Build a Badass Business, my first podcast dedicated to small business building, marketing, and social media.

Full Plate Podcast

Full Plate is a podcast about healing from diet culture, setting boundaries, exploring mental health, and finding body liberation. New episodes are live every Monday wherever you listen to podcasts.

Full Plate Podcast | Ditch diet culture, respect your body, and set boundaries | Episode 44: Satisfaction: The Secret Sauce of Food Freedom

Episode #44: Satisfaction: The Secret Sauce of Food Freedom

Get ready because this is a good one! First, Abbie and Diane talk about some changes to the pod in the What's New With You segment. Then...


Full Plate Podcast | Ditch diet culture, respect your body, and set boundaries | Episode 43: Food Rule or Food Preference?

Episode #43: Food Rule or Food Preference?

In this episode, we explore the nuances surrounding the distinction between a “food rule” and a true food preference. This can be a tricky distinction to make...


Full Plate Podcast | Ditch diet culture, respect your body, and set boundaries | Episode 42: Is Anti-Diet Anti-Nutrition?

Episode #42: Is Anti-Diet Anti-Nutrition?

We’re tackling another common misconception about anti-diet culture: Is the anti-diet movement anti-nutrition? We discuss how diet culture frames nutrition as a personal responsibility, how class and...


Full Plate Podcast | Ditch diet culture, respect your body, and set boundaries | Episode 41: (Revisited) Will I Keep Gaining Weight Forever?

Episode #41: (Revisited) Will I keep gaining weight forever?

In this episode, we explore a common fear: the fear of endless weight gain when moving away from dieting, disordered eating, or other restrictive behaviors with food...


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Written Thoughts - The Blog

Here’s where I share about personal development, my anti-diet journey, business insights, lifestyle, safer skin care tips and products, and more.

While unpacking diet culture, I'm going to make mistakes | Diane Sanfilippo

While unpacking diet culture, I’m going to make mistakes

Folks, I am not claiming to be an expert on this topic.✨ Part of my *way* of existing in life and in my work is to take...


A tough pill to swallow | Diane Sanfilippo

A tough pill to swallow

It’s a tough pill to swallow, thinking about how many people likely went on to develop disordered eating patterns or whose already disordered patterns were reinforced by...


You were not born to be loved and admired for the shape your body takes | Diane Sanfilippo
Diet culture lies | Diane Sanfilippo

The lies about willpower & discipline

I believed it for a long time, despite what my lived experience proved. Through ditching dieting and keeping more / all foods available and as options, I’ve...


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Let’s Connect!

Connection is everything these days, and ​customers want to know that the companies ​they support are backing up their products and ​services with real people!

Whether your business is in its first year, fifth, or ​even beyond, I can help you fine tune your plans ​to connect more deeply with your customers.

Looking for ways to have a more authentic and ​deeply connected business that creates lifetime ​customers who can’t wait to tell their friends ​about what you offer?