Marketing Essentials

Get over the overwhelm! Learn what to focus on and what to do first. Then, get it done – all with my help.

Are you struggling with overwhelm?

There are so many business “gurus” out there, but few of them have businesses upon which to base their recommendations.

I’ve built multiple successful businesses.

I’ve built service and product based businesses as well as a personal brand. So, no matter your business type, I can be your trusted source who will cut through the noise, help you focus, and get tasks completed to set your marketing up for lead generation and conversion.

Marketing Essentials is for you if you need help finding focus, zeroing in on what matters most, and cutting through the noise of what you think you “should” be doing in order to create a strong foundation for your marketing success.

How it Works

In this 12-week, hands-on program I’m guiding you in setting up the essentials for your business – what I call the “marketing core” – email and social media.

I bring decades of entrepreneurship and small business-building experience to the table – both my own, and in coaching and advising others.

I’ve built multiple successful businesses, to the tune of six and seven figures each in annual revenue.

The course consists of weekly live calls (yes, recordings will be available!) with assignments centered around branding, email marketing, and social media that, once completed, will set you up for success in collecting and converting leads.

Week-by-Week Program Schedule

This guided program is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners who know you need help with marketing and “getting your ducks in a row,” but you aren’t sure what matters most, and what to do first.


Honing Your Offering & Identifying Your Target Customer


Branding – Your Logo & Beyond


Pricing, Placement & Promotions Strategy


Email Marketing: Opt In & Welcome Series


Email Marketing: Ongoing Campaigns, Newsletters & Promotions


Social Media: Approaches You Can Take


Social Media: Tools to Use


Social Media: Advanced Strategies


Boundaries & Time Management


Hiring & Delegating


Q&A / Tie Up Loose Ends


Final Q&A

Say goodbye to the overwhelm! Upon completion of Marketing Essentials, you’ll have your own marketing core set up and ready to go. This course isn’t just about listening and learning – it’s about doing! Each week there are hands-on assignments for you to work on to get your business rocking and rolling. No more wondering where to even begin or what you truly “need” to do – this course has you covered. 

What’s inside the program:

  • 12 Weekly live call sessions (2 hours each)

  • Weekly Call Recordings

  • Weekly Q&A with Diane

  • Community Group (via the Circle app)

  • Tools, Tips, & Resources Guide for Entrepreneurs

  • 30-day Social Media Posting Plan for Entrepreneurs

  • Bonus! Interviews (available exclusively to students)

  • Bonus! Before & After Marketing Audit of Your Business

Marketing Essentials 12- Week Program – $1,997
(a value of over $5,000)

Marketing Essentials Course Contents

Marketing Essentials Weekly Details:


We’ll discuss the elements of your product or service offering as well as assessing who your target customer is. We’ll cover analyzing the problem you’re solving, who you’re serving, and how to best explain what you offer to those who may be an ideal client (or not – both are relevant). We’ll discuss your potential audience size as well as how what you offer may be different from the competition (if relevant).


We’ll discuss the elements of your logo and branding as well as how to create a simple “brand board.” We’ll cover your company name and tagline, your logo (including fonts, colors and the theory behind them), when it’s time to change branding, differences in approaches between a personal brand and a small business or location-based business, and more.


We’ll discuss your strategy with pricing, product/service placement (retail, DTC, wholesale-only, online-only or brick & mortar), and promotions. We’ll dive into each element to help you determine the best way forward for your brand, product(s), and/or service(s).


Email marketing is essential for every business, but which parts are the most essential to tackle when you’re creating or re-establishing your baseline? And how (and where) will you collect emails? That’s what we’ll cover and you’ll learn the emails you absolutely must have in place as soon as possible (and you’ll create them during the course), and which you can develop over time.


Ongoing email campaigns are also critical to every business, but how often do you send them? What do you include? How much is too much? We’ll cover these questions and more in this module and I’ll also guide you in setting up your ongoing emails so they’re manageable, valuable, and most of all, will convert.


Social media is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll cover different strategies to take to make creating and maintaining a social media presence for your business simplified and doable.


This week we’re covering the nitty gritty of the best tools to use for creating social media content, and how to simplify the process so that you or anyone on your team (if you aren’t a solopreneur) can make it happen. In this module, we’ll also touch on options for social media outlets and whether or not it makes sense for your business to have a presence on each platform.


When we talk about advanced strategies for social media, we’re diving into ways in which you can more deeply connect with your followers to convert them into customers. And, if you’ve never considered the difference between a follower count and actual customers, this module will help to open your eyes!


Setting boundaries in your life (and in your business) is essential, as is managing your time and energy – but how do you go about this while keeping it all running smoothly? We’ll cover that – and more – in this module.

WEEK 10:

Hiring and delegating are among the most challenging tasks for any entrepreneur because you’ve always wanted – and frankly, had to – do it all on your own! But what happens when the time comes for you to be more than a team of one? Or more than a team of two or three? We’ll tackle this in module 10.

WEEKS 11 & 12:

Our final weeks will be time to tie up loose ends, ask additional questions, review your work among the group as-desired, get additional feedback, and check-in to be sure you’re feeling set up for success as you move forward with your new “marketing core” in place.

What People Are Saying…

“As an alumna of a number of Diane’s coaching programs, I appreciate her no-nonsense approach. While she teaches strategy and provides examples, she doesn’t offer cookie-cutter approaches. She coaches by asking thought-provoking questions and offers unique perspectives that will push you to think for yourself and learn to trust your own instincts, which is more valuable and empowering to me as an entrepreneur than being forced to follow in someone else’s exact footsteps.”

Naomi Nakamura

Human Design coach and host of the Live Fab Life Podcast

“I trust Diane’s coaching because she has built and ran multiple successful businesses in the same industries I’m passionate about! She’s a true entrepreneur who speaks from experience and there’s nothing more valuable in a mentor than that.”

Liz Wolfe

Creator of Athletic Mom and bestselling author of “Eat the Yolks”

“For years, Diane has played an integral role in my business development as a budding entrepreneur. I can always count on her to give me honest, direct and individualized feedback based on her decades of experience while keeping in mind what’s best for me and my business. Diane is in tune with my needs and desires for business growth and I appreciate her no BS approach. Anyone would be lucky to work with Diane to learn the ins and outs and ups and downs of entrepreneurship.”

Laney Schwartz

Creator of Cook With Confidence & blogger at

“Diane has an intuitive approach to business that is both unique and profound. Over the many years of our working relationship, she’s has always provided the best, most well-rounded, thoughtful, and ACCURATE advice. She’s one of my most trusted and most cherished advisors.”

Cassy Joy Garcia

NYT bestselling author of “Cook Once Dinner Fix” & editor in chief of

Not your typical business marketing program.

Marketing Essentials will help you…

  • bust through the overwhelm and take focused action in your business
  • put strategic tools in place to capture and convert leads
  • utilize social media & email marketing to connect with and convert your unique customer
  • understand how to evolve your marketing plan as you launch new products or services

All of this will be done through weekly live sessions (yes, they’ll be recorded for replays!) and assignments that will leave you set up for success upon completion of the program.

Marketing Essentials 12- Week Program – $1,997
(value of over $5,000)

Diane Sanfilippo

Meet Your Coach

I’m Diane. I’m a 2x New York Times bestselling author and serial entrepreneur. I’ve been growing businesses and guiding others in the same direction for more than three decades.

Through owning and operating businesses across a wide variety of industries from handmade jewelry (online and in-person via craft fairs, home events, and more), graphic design & marketing for small businesses, nutrition coaching and authorship, a personal brand online, and a direct-to-consumer food brand, my knowledge has broadened over time.

I’ve learned what it takes to buckle down and get your marketing organized – and now I’m ready to show you.