While unpacking diet culture, I'm going to make mistakes | Diane Sanfilippo

While unpacking diet culture, I’m going to make mistakes

Folks, I am not claiming to be an expert on this topic.✨ Part of my *way* of existing in life and in my work is to take steps forward, then...

A tough pill to swallow | Diane Sanfilippo

A tough pill to swallow

It’s a tough pill to swallow, thinking about how many people likely went on to develop disordered eating patterns or whose already disordered patterns were reinforced by my teachings, programs,...

You were not born to be loved and admired for the shape your body takes | Diane Sanfilippo

You were not born to be loved and admired for the shape your body takes.

Just a reminder. For you, and for me, too.

Diet culture lies | Diane Sanfilippo

The lies about willpower & discipline

I believed it for a long time, despite what my lived experience proved. Through ditching dieting and keeping more / all foods available and as options, I’ve experienced them losing...

Challenging diet culture every single day | Diane Sanfilippo

Challenging diet culture every single day

This is extremely hard to share. I’m not typically an outward / in the thick of it processor. I usually wait until I figure something out for myself to share...

No diets for the New Year | Diane Sanfilippo

No diets for New Years

More than two decades of dieting… this year felt like a good time to stop. And with half of that time leading others into the same shadows, I am so...

One of the challenges of breaking free from diet culture | Diane Sanfilippo

One of the most challenges parts of breaking free from diet culture

Sometimes I don’t even want to share what’s part of my present life process or situation because I can’t promise how much I’ll continue to share / follow up on...

A win against diet culture | Diane Sanfilippo

I’m taking a win against diet culture

I tried on some things that didn’t look great on me, in sizes I haven’t worn in ages (after the sales person told me their items *run big*). I also...

Vulnerability hangover | Brene Brown | Diane Sanfilippo

I have a massive vulnerability hangover that I didn’t anticipate.

It may take me some more time to collect myself and talk more about things that are deeper than food. Just a heads up. In addition to the quote shared...