What can you learn from the way you treat yourself when you're doing something new? | Diane Sanfilippo

When was the last time you tried something new?

I saw a bunch of Cadbury mini egg inspired nails on Instagram so I figured I’d try some. In hindsight, the black I saw in some inspo posts for the dotted effect isn’t accurate to the candy (the candy has faint brown spots), but it’s a cute look anyway.

Listen, all this hyper-critical reviewing of my own work isn’t any sort of jab at myself. On the contrary!

I am super proud of how my artistic and fine motor skills are progressing in this new hobby of mine.

But, the way I work on things is to be really honest about what I see that could be improved next time. I don’t do it to beat myself up at all.

I think seeing where I have done well AND ALSO where I have room for growth and development is a healthy process.

I *enjoy* the process and I am usually satisfied with the destination if I made sure to do the best I could at the time.

This is a metaphor for my entire life.

What can you learn from the way you treat yourself and your outlook when you are trying something new?

Are you maybe too outcome-oriented?

Perhaps you don’t give yourself enough grace to see that the first (possibly first many) times you do something that it won’t be excellent? Are you okay with that? Are you okay with working to do your best at each step during the process to then feel satisfied enough with the outcome because you did your best?

Can you also chalk some things up to needing more time to get better at them? And not expect yourself to excel out of the gate at everything? What I’m asking is, where can you commit to showing up and doing your best as a beginner with humility, knowing that excellence is earned and takes time to develop?

It’s a manicure and a personal development post all in one. That’s how I roll.

One thought on “When was the last time you tried something new?

  • I absolutely LOVE this. What a helpful thought process. I am an equestrian trying to learn dressage for the last 7 or 8 years. I didn’t ride for 35 years and now with hip and knee issues I had to relearn all that long gone muscle memory of how to ride. I still don’t ride unpredictable horses! And then I decided to try this new discipline. People who haven’t done dressage think it doesn’t look that hard. People who have know that it really takes a lifetime…and they are still learning. I struggle to not compare myself to the teenagers who pick up movements and stay relaxed like it is nothing. I’m 67. Just recently I have been working really hard on only focusing on MY progress and the small wins I can be proud of. Still struggling with how I speak to myself and how I answer others who ask about my ride or who give me a compliment. The way of thinking you have outlined is priceless. Thank you.

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