How Trusting Yourself Builds Confidence | Diane Sanfilippo

How Trusting Yourself Builds Confidence

Don’t be afraid of what may come.

Be more afraid of a willingness to tolerate the pain you are choosing.

In a reply to a comment on a blog post, I said this to a woman who is in a job that she hates because her boss is not treating her well.

Listen, I’m not going to tell you to simply up and quit your job because you don’t like it or the environment isn’t great every day.

What I *am* going to say is that you must:

1) make a plan for change, slowly but surely, and

2) realize that you always have some choice in the matter.

You can either work towards changing the situation or changing your mindset.

Ultimately, I find it far more surprising the amount of pain one will tolerate simply out of fear of the unknown. Most people would rather remain in a known, painful situation than step into the unknown.

I can tell you this from my 41+ years on this earth… you are almost never worse off when you step away from the pain you were choosing or allowing yourself to tolerate.

And you’ll be shocked at how much easier it becomes, over and over, to continue to step away from it once you do it one time.

You often ask me how to become more confident… this is IT.

Trust yourself more than you trust staying where you are when you aren’t happy.


You’ve got this.

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