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A Letter of Gratitude

Last year around this time I was overwhelmed with gratitude on the eve of my last book release, reflecting on what the last year of my life had been.

This year, I’m both reflecting on the last decade and looking ahead to this next one. I’m both calm and confident about what I’ve done and who I’ve become and also anxious and scared about what I may still do and who I may develop into.

I shared on Instagram recently that my sweet friend Sarah posted several story clips in which she detailed exactly how my first book, Practical Paleo, changed the trajectory of her life. She’s now someone close to me whom I value so much for her heart and warmth… and I know so many of you have had life-altering experiences as well, and perhaps touched briefly by my work.

Day to day, I only see my life and that of the handful of amazing women with whom I work on building my brand Balanced Bites as well as my side hustle with Beautycounter.

It’s easy to lose sight of exactly who we are impacting, and how.

It’s easy to forget how deeply this work can shift someone else’s life.

It’s easy to assume no one cares, or is using the recipes, or feels connected to what I share.

As we wrap up this decade and I reflect back on the work I’ve done and the legacy I want to leave, I hope you’ll take a moment to think about how folks like myself, my peers, and many in your life (and in real life) have impacted you.

Think how something they’ve done has shifted your life in a positive way.

Think how they’ve empowered and emboldened you to do something you didn’t think was possible. Until you did it. And it was. And you’ve grown because of it.

And, if you’re so inclined, reach out to them today via social media, text, a phone call, or a letter… tell them the difference they’ve made in your life.

Spend just a moment or two to do this. It will expand your heart. I’m starting in on this now, too.♥️

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