A sign you need better boundaries

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If something you’re choosing is suddenly stealing your joy, it’s a good sign you need to set better boundaries. I’ve been talking with some friends lately about this topic. One friend in particular was finding herself saying yes, when in the moment she *knew* she wanted to say no. She couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t willing to say no … Read More

Why a smaller body isn’t the answer

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Before I proceed, I’ll address the elephant in the room: I have written many titles about food, eating, and what some may consider “diets.” This is a fact – I won’t ignore it. It’s what brought most of you to my space. But, I remain steadfast in my perspective, which I’ve always shared & maintained in my teachings, that these … Read More

I’m sorry. I was wrong.

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Almost exactly one year ago, on 2/3/20, I made a statement: “Food as comfort is not self love.” Here’s the thing about time, experience, perspective, wisdom, and empathy (for ourselves and for one another)… we’ve got to allow it to unfold. A year ago, I felt like this was a major revelation. I truly believed what I said. Deeply. I … Read More

Show Up Fully As Yourself

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“Thank you for being you.” This is one of my most favorite expressions of gratitude both to receive and to give. Followed closely by the more explicitly stated: “your courage inspires me.” I know it doesn’t always feel easy. And I know sometimes it seems like you’re putting yourself out there to be judged by whoever is being met with … Read More

Are You Following Your Gut?

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I think a lot of us (myself included) truly sit and wait for someone to invite us to our next level. I’ve certainly done this many times. But, the times when I have let very subtle *signs* or calls from the Universe guide me (aka: my gut/instinct telling me softly but firmly, “yes, do it.”), I’ve never let myself down. … Read More

How to Maintain Flexible Boundaries

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I often share about why and how you should create and maintain boundaries, and one of the biggest things I have learned over the years is this: Your boundaries don’t need to be brick walls. They can also be screen doors.  I know this may seem confusing, so allow me to break it down. I think a lot of people … Read More

How Boundaries Create Positive Relationships

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It’s a common misconception that someone may set boundaries in order to remove or exclude others from their life. Quite the contrary! THE reason we set boundaries is to keep someone in our lives in a way that allows for a positive relationship. We do this by expressing how we feel (not always, it may depend how close you are … Read More

What I Love About Confrontation

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It’s an unpopular opinion, but I strongly believe that avoiding confrontation does not create more peace in your life. It actually builds resentment, cultivates unhappiness, and *disturbs* your peace. Some mistake an enneagram type 8 (which is me) – the challenger – as people who *enjoy* arguing. I don’t enjoy confrontation for the sake of it. And I certainly do … Read More