Monday Motivation: Nothing changes if you change nothing.

Nothing changes if you change nothing.

Or, said even more simply…

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

These words resonate with me often.

I think many of you who read this blog regularly know that I’m a proponent for things like practicing an attitude of gratitude, living your life in the driver’s seat, and being open to opportunity when it comes up and grabs you in the face.

I’m also always in favor of putting people first.

What you may not know is that I am a serious fan of change. And I don’t mean the kind that jingles in your pocket or in the bottom of your purse.

I mean real change. Life change. BIG CHANGE.

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Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that “big change” always has to mean geographically, physically or even financially large in size, volume, or expense.

It could simply mean a BIG change in mindset.

Most of us have made up our minds about a lot of things, perhaps right now the way you eat is something you think you’ll never question again.

Perhaps you can’t possibly imagine moving somewhere far away from a life you have created and have grown to love.

Perhaps you can’t imagine ever (gasp!) not CrossFitting. (Relax, I’m not saying you shouldn’t CrossFit!)

Or perhaps even your entire view of the world was as one thing or one way, but somehow, with some motivation and inspiration – or perhaps a good kick in the fanny to “wake up” to the world around you – you could view the world almost entirely differently. That is a BIG change.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should be questioning whether things you fully know and believe in your life are “non-negotiable.”

What I am asking you to consider is this:

What if something you think is non-negotiable right now really is negotiable?

What if simply changing how you think about all of the non-negotiables in your life could actually change your life?

What if you made some of those non-negotiables suddenly open to discussion?

Changing your thoughts can change everything about your life.

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.” – Brian Tracy


How can you go about changing your thoughts?

  • MM_def_changeCreate a gratitude journal. Or even simply a list each night, or once a week. Write down all the things in your life for which you are grateful. Do not focus on that which makes you feel unhappy, disappointed, or unfulfilled – these are counter-productive thoughts.
  • Reconsider your non-negotiables. As I outlined above, question yourself – very seriously – about that which matters most to you. Then make some tough choices. Open your mind up to something outside of your comfort zone, and allow the changes to flow.
  • Look outside of yourself. Maybe this change of thoughts requires help from others – friends, peers, or colleagues perhaps. Reach out to people you trust, you may be surprised at how ready they are to lend a helping hand.
  • Change just one small thing. Sometimes making the first change is the hardest – whether its in mindset, or a physical change – just the first step may cascade into the others much more easily than you imagined.


How do you approach change? Are you afraid of it? Do you face it head-on?

Do you stir it up or sit with the status-quo? Tell me about it in the comments below.

17 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Nothing changes if you change nothing.

  • I love this message! I have made a lot of mindset changes in my lifetime and I know I am not done yet. I think when we keep our minds open to new ideas we leave room to expand our knowledge, relationships, and life experiences. Great post!

  • Thanks for yet another wonderful blog post, Diane! I’ll be sharing it on my Facebook today hoping to reach even more people. P.S. the place where I work finally received more copies of Practical Paleo in stock last week and I spent the weekend highlighting through eight different copies to send home to my family (late Xmas presents)! Thank you, thank you, thank you again for everything you do– it really inspires me to continue to help others find health through my nutritional health coaching sessions.

  • I needed this today! I am starting my own Health Coaching business in a new city and don’t know anyone yet. I can’t just sit around, people aren’t going to come to me. Side note: My husband and I LOVE Practical Paleo! It’s the only cookbook we have at the moment 🙂

  • I thrive on change! While others try to avoid it at all costs. I have recently come up with somewhat “hostility” for lack of a better word, from my family for being Paleo. I have embraced the change and am feeling better for it! My sister thinks I am depriving myself of carbohydrates, which of course is not the case! I have never felt better. She told me today that she wants me to put back those things in my diet that were causing me problems, that is if my body rejects this way of living. How do I even explain to her all the benefits or even get the family not to poke fun of what makes me feel better? So I guess I love to stir things up a bit…. thanks for letting me rant! LOL

  • Thank you Diane for sharing this beautiful message. It is great that you share more than just Paleo lifestyle info. This too is food for thought.

  • I’ve started keeping two journal-like things (partially because it’s a GREAT idea, and partially because I LOVE mini Moleskines): One journal, for nighttime, is a gratitude journal; the other, which is for the morning, is an “I am” journal. I’m working on a post about the latter. Both are my efforts to shift my mind-set and start/end my day on a transformative note 🙂

  • An excellent article Diane
    Since I am into body building and any changes in my body make me happy but within limits…I become neutral after a while and strive to work out harder to reach my target

  • Diane – I have been meaning to drop you a quick note for a while. I am a big fan of yours and Practical Paleo was the first book on Paleo I got and my first step in the learning process. Your pesto is definitely out there on my list of recipes! The only problem is that I make a whole jar of it that disappears within a day.
    I love this article and your approach. Having read a lot of self-help books, some better than others, maybe you should consider writing one too!

  • Mariah Baseman says:

    Excellent. I just recently had to change my mindset as I filleted my shin open on a box jump fail and got stitches. I’m on very light duty, globo-gym work, (which is not CrossFit, so it’s boring, obviously) and just today had to start on antibiotics, even though I was so determined to heal it completely naturally. I realized that I CAN survive through antibiotics (people do all the time, sheesh), and my body can probably use a little 2-week deload from my CrossFit addiction. Thanks for the timely article!

  • Tiffany Jorgensen says:

    Very timely post for me as I’ve been making some huge emotional and mental changes lately that are leading to bigger health and physical changes. Change can be (usually is?) hard, but I’m learning that accepting that it does happen, and embracing it, is totally worth any growing pains that come with it!

  • little thing, but diet pepsi used to be a non negotiable for me. now I drink kombucha diuted with sparkling water to make it last longer and get my carbonation in. hardly miss it – looking back I never would have thought I could give it up.

  • Very inspiring! It is very timely for me and I am someone who is not typically comfortable with making big changes. Definitely helpful to read your perspective on changes!

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