The Magic of Saying No

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The magic of saying no | Diane Sanfilippo

Who else is saying *NO* more?   What happens when we say “no” to people, activities, and even to ourselves? It’s usually the most honest answer you can give, yet somehow, it’s the absolute hardest. Allow me to release you from the turmoil that comes from this in-between state you may be in right now… saying no to something, someone, or … Read More

Monday Motivation: Setbacks & Failures

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  We’re heading into holiday season, full of special times with family and friends, cooler weather, shining decorations, and seasonal foods. And then comes the New Year, full of hopeful resolutions and promises to make the next year better and more prosperous. Most people make at least one New Year’s resolution that is health focused: exercise more, eat healthier, lose … Read More

Monday Motivation: Nothing changes if you change nothing.

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Nothing changes if you change nothing. Or, said even more simply… Nothing changes if nothing changes. These words resonate with me often. I think many of you who read this blog regularly know that I’m a proponent for things like practicing an attitude of gratitude, living your life in the driver’s seat, and being open to opportunity when it comes … Read More

Monday Motivation: One step at a time.

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I originally wrote this post when my blog was called “Mindful Health” back in November of 2006. While the content and direction of my work has changed to a degree, the fundamentals of my approach have not. As much as I love a challenge or a real-food detox (like my 21-Day Sugar Detox) as much as the next person, I … Read More

Monday Motivation: The Secret Powers of Time, and are you past, present, or future oriented?

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If you’ve ever had a conversation, an argument, or other interaction with another person wherein you simply could not see eye-to-eye despite having the same basis of knowledge on the topic or issue at hand, you’ve likely discovered The Secret Powers of Time. The Secret Powers of Time is a fantastic, short presentation by Philip Zimbardo, author of The Time Paradox: The New … Read More