Challenging diet culture every single day | Diane Sanfilippo

Challenging diet culture every single day

This is extremely hard to share. I’m not typically an outward / in the thick of it processor. I usually wait until I figure something out for myself to share my thoughts, especially here.

But, I have a feeling this journey will be L O N G.

And, I also have a feeling that by sharing, I’ll somehow (hopefully) provide comfort for someone else who may be feeling the same or similar things.

I know that when someone I’ve followed for a long time or who has a platform larger than mine shares something I find meaningful or moving, it helps me in some way – to feel less alone or less *wrong* simply in how I exist.

I also realize that I have *thin privilege* as a person who can move through all spaces without considering whether I’ll literally / physically / societally fit into them. Thin privilege isn’t the same as what an extremely small % of the population (perhaps an especially small % in those with more estrogen) experience in terms of a very naturally occurring default state of *thinness* (those who can and do eat anything and everything and still remain thin by societal standards). I do NOT experience that state of *natural thinness.*

Please be aware that my experience is mine and I am not at all discounting the experience of marginalized bodies in our society with my own thoughts and feelings as I work through my own diet culture undoing.

And I’m not *there* – wherever *there* is. That’s why I’m sharing this. I’m in the thick of this very difficult process, and I may not do it right. I may backslide. I have no idea.

But these are some thoughts as of now.

I’m curious to hear yours, too.

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