Your Voice Matters

The number of times I’ve heard women say, “but there are already so many people teaching about this topic,” or “there’s too much competition,” or “I’ll never catch up to her,” or “but I don’t have anything worth saying.”

YOU GUYS. Can you imagine if I had let those thoughts stop me when there were a ton of people already talking about Paleo? Writing about Paleo? Teaching about Paleo? Talking about healthy fats and oils?

What if I hadn’t kept going when things seemed not worth doing? What if I had let every new book that released be the reason why I wouldn’t write another one? What if I had not traveled to that next city to teach a seminar or sign books?

You. Your mother. Your aunt. Your father. Your cousin. Your best friend…

Thousands of people would never have had their lives touched in a way that will mean they’ll never be the same.

I am no different than you are, I just SHUT THEM DOWN when those tiny “why bother?” thoughts creep in because IF I HELP ONE PERSON TO LIVE A BETTER LIFE, it’s worth it. It can’t be about the money or the notoriety. It HAS to be about your burning desire to simply share your own voice about whatever topic you feel passionate. That’s it.

You have a voice. You have a UNIQUE point of view and experience that no one else has. Share it with a goal of helping ONE PERSON. Then let that be your measure of success, and let it build from there.

Don’t let the idea of “not being enough” stop you from giving of yourself for the benefit of another person. That’s selfish, don’t you think?

Ok, so tell me, how are you going to use your voice?

14 thoughts on “Your Voice Matters

  • Thank you. I quit a nutrition certification for this reason – and it was also a gross fit. This motivates me to find the right program!

  • I appreciate the reminder. I tend to oscillate between extremes – very motivated to help others and build my practice and then other days where it feels like a big waste of time and like my impact barely matters. Realizing that at one time you felt this way, that sometimes you still hear that negative voice, is very motivating and helps me push forward. Thank you for your guidance (I loved your Badass Business podcast) & your encouragement!

  • Thank you for sharing your heart! It is about one person at a time. Helping and being passionate about what you are led to do. Good timing too. Keep fighting the good fight of health:)

  • Hi, I have your 2 nd addition of PP. I’m not a great writer at all . I’m self employed I have a few houses that I clean Mon to Fri. I’m 51, no kids , married .I related to you so often , sometimes I just want to pick up the phone and say YES me too. I love eating healthy and exercise daily. I have a great life . I have an amazing dog that was handed to me 9 years ago by an ex boyfriend, he said take her good luck . She’s a pitbull was not my Choice of dog . Her and I have become amazing together in the last 9 years. We married a beautiful man 8 years ago and we are a happy family. I see me in you everyday , at 40 you are amazing and I want you to know your next 10 years are going to be fabulous. You will continue to become better and better each year . . I listen to your podcasts and Instagram nightly.
    Please continue to share your life with me .

  • Diane I agree. I was sort of discouraged to start a blog to talk about my illnesses. There are many people out there with great content that I followed faithfully but I also saw that there were things that weren’t addressed and I decided…why not me? I wrote a post that echoed the same sentiment; If I could just educate or inform one person about Neurocardiogenic Syncope then that is one more person who can help get the word out. There are many people saying the same thing but their insight is different, their delivery could be more to your liking and their angle could be the one you were looking for. Keep up the good work because just like I purchased Practical Paleo, I will most likely get this Keto book too.

  • I want to use my voice to help young girls & women accept themselves for who they are by defining what health and beauty looks like for themselves – not society!
    What holds me back is my lack of education in health, nutrition, or psychology that could build a foundation of credibility. All I have are my own experiences, my personal learnings and lots of research.

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