While unpacking diet culture, I'm going to make mistakes | Diane Sanfilippo

While unpacking diet culture, I’m going to make mistakes

Folks, I am not claiming to be an expert on this topic.✨

Part of my *way* of existing in life and in my work is to take steps forward, then reach my hand out to my sides or behind me to anyone looking to grab on and join me.

Do not put me on a pedestal.

Do not over-expect from me.

I am an imperfect human who takes a journey and shares it so that what I learn may help someone else.

If you’re in the anti-diet space as an *expert* and me sharing my journey isn’t comfortable for you as you watch me say or do things you don’t think are *right,* I invite you to simply pause.

Unless I am DIRECTLY causing harm to a marginalized person or group, my sharing isn’t an invitation for your feedback on how I approach this journey. Further, if you feel I am causing harm, please do not approach as if you’re asking questions but really what you want to do is tell me how and why I’m wrong. That approach is a no for me.

I consult trusted resources and speak to trusted friends and colleagues about these topics. I do not enjoy unsolicited direction from folks I don’t know. Who does?🤷🏼‍♀️

I remember what it was like when the “Paleo Police” set out across the webz to let folks know how they were doing things wrong. It was shitty and unnecessary. Further, who says there is only one set of rules for everyone on this journey.

Group-think = cults and *independent thought death* to me. I won’t have anyone tell me what I must think to be in a space.

Now, I realize I have more to learn and my path will evolve – as will what I share.

Be here with grace, or don’t be here.

Thank you for respecting this boundary.🙏🏻♥️

One thought on “While unpacking diet culture, I’m going to make mistakes

  • Thank you for sharing your process. I only found you a few days ago, via Holly Whitaker’s Quitted podcast, and I am finding your ideas and podcast so healing! If you are getting negativity from some, please know you are helping others, including me.

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