What I've learned about hustle as an entrepreneur

What I’ve learned about hustle as an entrepreneur

Hustle is defined by how you spend your free time. 

Some choose to watch television, or surf the web, or get extra time socializing, partying, what have you. If you have a family to take care of, certainly your time for these things is even shorter, which is why focus when you are spending time on your business is even more critical. 

Please don’t misunderstand my take on hustle for a dismissal of quality time with friends and family. Or time taken for your health as in meal prep or exercise/movement.

When you are starting a business or are in the early stages before you have hit whatever level of success you are seeking, if you want to achieve things, you don’t have the luxury of extra time to relax. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. 

I’ve never met a successful entrepreneur who says, “Yeah, I took it slowly and, wow, things blew up so fast for me it was easy! I’m so glad I didn’t work too hard in the beginning. Make sure you have balance from the beginning like I did…” 

If you ever meet someone saying that, don’t buy whatever they’re selling because it’s a pile of B.S.

Can someone find success slowly, over time, with more “balance” in their lives? Sure. But is it at the pace most new business owners are hoping for? Heck no. And that approach, more often leads to discouragement in the progress of a business or even more money lost because things didn’t move quickly enough.


When what you don’t have is money or a thriving business to look back at and say, “this is my future and I am secure financially,” your HUSTLE is what you are investing for future gains. AND IT WILL WORK. But only if YOU WORK. I talked more about this in an episode of the Build a Badass Business podcast a few years ago, and it all still rings true today.

Spend a week taking note of how you’re spending your free time. Do you see any patterns? Are there a few spare minutes where you’re scrolling through social media that you could instead be investing in something else? Let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “What I’ve learned about hustle as an entrepreneur

  • You’ve pointed out exactly to what was slowing me down. I’ve noticed that while I was complaining to myself to not have enough time to write, I was actually spending a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook, where I don’t even post anything! Just because I get notifications on my phone. So I removed the app from my phone altogether. I go only from my computer where I removed the notifications, so I go only when I decide, freeing a couple of hours in my week.

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