What I Love About Confrontation

It's an unpopular opinion, but I strongly believe that avoiding confrontation does not create more peace in your life.

It actually builds resentment, cultivates unhappiness, and *disturbs* your peace.

Some mistake an enneagram type 8 (which is me) – the challenger – as people who *enjoy* arguing. I don’t enjoy confrontation for the sake of it. And I certainly do not enjoy arguing or debating.

Why do I LOVE confrontation then? Because it is HONESTY playing out in real life.

Confrontation is a chance to explain your boundaries, clarify how they have been broken, and describe how maybe you made a mistake in not being clear enough in identifying and communicating them. It is also a way to resolve and heal the behavior patterns that have developed.

This approach to confrontation is true for inner work as well as in relationships.

Avoidance *seems* easy and comfortable at the time.

A glass of wine, a cupcake, a vacation (all escapes!), sweeping something under the rug, walking away, not calling or texting for a while… But if you want the relationship with yourself or a loved one (or even a colleague) to be positive, you can’t avoid confronting problems for forever. I promise you they will not resolve this way.

You can either prepare yourself to address the problem, or allow it to *be addressed* at some point *for* you.

Now, here’s the enneagram 8 part of this: I LOVE control, and I hate feeling unsettled. So I will confront an issue head-on when I feel ready. I don’t let something fester for too long.

Does this mean I’ve confronted everything and everyone in my life? No. I have made peace with some things to be as they are, some people, etc.

If you’re unsettled about something or someone, don’t “self-care” it away. Tackle it head-on with honesty and by taking responsibility for your part in it.

This is one thing I want for us all in 2020 .

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