Time-blocking: Why I Don’t (And Never Will) Use This Approach To Managing My Time.

Time-blocking: Why I Don’t (And Never Will) Use This Approach To Managing My Time.


On a recent episode of the Driven podcast we discussed having a linear vs non-linear approach to planning a product or business launch, which got me thinking about time management…

It’s almost comical how many times smart, productive, well-meaning people have told me, “you just need to time block” when I expressed frustrations in the past about my own productivity or *time management*. Funny thing is, I bet you think I’m plenty productive. Truth is: I am. Very much so.

For a long time I FELT something was semi-impossible about time-blocking while managing multiple businesses, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I wondered how anyone could just predict their own energy everyday like that.

“BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW YOU WILL FEEL?!” This was my big question. My response has been to manage my ENERGY, not my time.

Sure, I operate in the real world where oftentimes we need to put things on a schedule (which I mostly hate), and I *can* operate around a few things (usually no more than 2 or 3) that are pre-plotted into my day.

But, a framework I learned about maybe six months ago affirmed for me what I’ve FELT for so long.

I’m not built to WORKWORKWORK and expect to be productive or operating as my best self.

In the Human Design framework, I’m a Manifestor. Apparently, Manifestors are about 8-9% of the population and they function best when they essentially sprint, then rest. This explains so much!

It explains why I may seem extroverted at an event, but as soon as it ends I’m on my hotel bed eating my meal ALONE, happily. It explains also why I can GET AFTER IT kicking off new ideas and projects – whether it’s for Balanced Bites Meals or my Beautycounter business – but I *need* my team to carry it out. 

I serve as a catalyst whose challenge is to fully inform those around me of what we must do move ahead, then we can do it.

In any event, it’s reassuring to know that we aren’t all MADE to churn and grind all-day at the same pace. 

I’ll sprint-rest my way there, and you can jog… clear my calendar if you want the best from me. That’s how I can Manifest what’s possible from myself when I have no limits, expectations, or hard-stops in place.

Check out “Human Design” to learn more – maybe it’ll help you understand yourself better, too.

Do you time block? Or not? Does this resonate with you? Are you someone who enjoys time blocking or do you resist it? Does it work well for you or does your energy never seem to fit your plan? Tell me below.

9 thoughts on “Time-blocking: Why I Don’t (And Never Will) Use This Approach To Managing My Time.

  • I’m awesome with time blocking in the morning, but once I’m home and intend to work on administrative stuff, I’m TOAST. I need to take a 20 minute power nap, then I’m good to go for another 3 hours or so. Appointments – time block. Once I’m home to work, I need hours open to focus. I’m a little bit of both, I guess!

  • I’m an HD projector, splenic authority, and also can’t work, work, work, though, for many years I’ve been trying, LOL!
    What works better for me is to flow with my energy, my invitations, and authority.

  • Thank you for this! I am exactly the same wrt my energy levels, and this explains why time blocking just doesn’t work for me. Even when it comes to my workouts, I can’t plan ahead when I’m going to do them, because I don’t know until the actual minute when I’m going to have the energy to do a good workout. And if I’m in the middle of something creative and being very productive, I’m not going to switch tasks just because time blocking says it’s time to move to something else.

  • I am a sprint then rest gal myself and enjoy deadlines to keep me in-check! Gemini, Type 1 on the Enneagram, 4 Tendencies Rebel, INFJ in the myers briggs, and more of an Abstainer than moderator… I bet these things have to do with time blocking and what works best for certain folks! Thank you for sharing your work, it’s endlessly inspiring!

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