One of the challenges of breaking free from diet culture | Diane Sanfilippo

One of the most challenges parts of breaking free from diet culture

Sometimes I don’t even want to share what’s part of my present life process or situation because I can’t promise how much I’ll continue to share / follow up on it, and I know that disappoints some folks.

I also don’t yet have any profound comments to make on this. I’m simply sharing where I’m at in this moment, which is in a place of learning and unlearning.

That said, if even sharing about this journey one time sparks someone in a positive direction, it’s worthwhile.

I’m in the process of unlearning my own fat phobia. I didn’t know that’s what it was, and it’s so deeply ingrained in us all in today’s society, that it’s right up there with/parallel to white supremacy and anti-blackness.

What I do know right now: fat phobia isn’t simply “fear of fatness,” it’s so much more than that. Because a lot of us could probably claim we’re “not afraid” of fatness. The same way a lot of us want to claim we “aren’t racist.” It’s not solely a personal issue, it’s an entire societal construct that is a lens through which we see this world.

I learned of this book “Fearing the Black Body: the Racial Origins of Fat Phobia” from @rachel.cargle and purchased it from her bookstore (online) @elizabethsofakron – Written by #sabrinastrings

I’ve only just begun reading, but it’s already a deep punch in the gut to unwind the historical context of what an ideal physical form *is* and according to whom (white men).

It’s a lot. I don’t have a ton more to say right now, but if you’re interested in this process and journey, too, please grab this book via the shop I noted above, and dig in.

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