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More than food, but sometimes FOOD.

You know what? I realized that trying to only share one type of content via my @dianesanfilippo Instagram account is just not my vibe. If you follow @balancedbites, you’ll see just food or food-related content. Maybe one day I’ll open a separate account where I talk about other things.

But, on an account with my name, I simply can’t not talk about a variety of topics. That’ll mean everything from what I’m eating, to what skincare or makeup I’m using, to details about building my Beautycounter team, to the latest in Balanced Bites Meals or what’s happening with my line of Organic Balanced Bites Spices, to what I’m thinking, to social justice issues, to business advice and insights.

I simply can’t be one-dimensional in my sharing.

It isn’t ME.

I don’t feel happy when I try to be in a box. Is anyone surprised? I didn’t think so.

So, I’m going to continue to share all types of content via my social media channels. I know most of you originally followed “for the food.”

And I know many of you are happy to be along for the journey where ever it takes us. I appreciate that – I appreciate YOU – very much.

All this to say, yes, I’ll still be posting some food on my social media accounts. But, I truly need everyone to know that I will never “just stick to food,” and that what I share will be a cross-section of what I enjoy, find interesting, am passionate about, and think you’ll enjoy, find interesting, and may become passionate about, too.

What do you think? Do you enjoy seeing multi-dimensional content from people? Even those who are experts in one area? Do you like learning about more things from them? Tell me below.

19 thoughts on “More than food, but sometimes FOOD.

  • I love that you talk about different things! I came for the food. I stay for you and who you are. I don’t connect with everything single thing you post, and that’s okay, I skim past those. But I connect with a lot of others, and I love that it’s all there. I love when you are you and glad you will keep doing so on Instagram.

  • My favorite people that I follow are the ones who share a little bit of everything that makes them who they are…less curated, more REAL. I love the realness that comes from your posts. We can see the passion you have for everything you do, and it encourages us to strive for the same in our own lives. Not even just on social media, but in every-day practices. Sometimes you’re more focused on Beauty Counter, sometimes Balanced Bites, sometimes social justice, and occasionally plants. Those shifts just make you more relatable and your content more interesting.

  • I greatly appreciate you posting about all aspects of your life and sharing thought-provoking content, not “just food” or “just make up”. Your message is resonating with so many. I appreciate you not shying away from difficult topics, because that’s what moves society forward. If we are all too afraid to talk about “heavy” topics, nothing progresses and hate flourishes. You have brought light to so many issues that are worth addressing and I applaud you for it. You’re teaching us all that we should speak up against injustices, stand in our truth, be kind, be confident, be strong and more, all through sharing everything from skin care to the fact that you are trying to find the best way to be an ally. You also provide such great business advice for free! I could ramble on and on about this, but KEEP GOING! Thank you 🙂

  • chris binnendyk says:

    Personally, I’m totally ok with YOU streamlining your life by posting in one account. Managing too accounts = crazy making!

  • I love that your personal account is multi-faceted and has helped me learn about new things, including things not 100% relevant to me. I can absolutely take things away from the entrepreneurship things you post even without building a business. And I found out about the enneagram from you which I love!!
    I especially like your approach to social justice issues in that you address how you are learning as well as teaching what you do know because it empowers those who are learning to own that, ask questions and not shy away from getting involved. I used to hesitate engaging in those conversations or reading into things because I felt that I needed to sit down with books and become an expert or it wasn’t “learning”. (I’m a librarian/researcher so I like to get in depth on topics Lol) But seeing your learning process is an important model for those, like me, who want to be a part of the larger conversation where appropriate. Thank you for all that you share!

  • Absolutely love that you are sharing all the things! And… I can’t wait to hear when Driven will air first episode. I check my podcast list weekly!

  • I think it used to be where blogs and business social media needed to have a “niche” and not deviate from their audience or make their pages about their “life”. I think a lot of people are actually interested in and support pages that are multidimensional and allow followers to get an inside look at the person, rather than just the content. Its become a thing these days from what I can see. I know I follow people I find interesting and don’t need them to follow a certain pattern of content or stick with one thing. I like to get to “know” people in that way, especially on social media. If anyone wants it to be “just the food” then there are plenty of people who provide that sort of thing. I personally think thats kind of boring but that is just me.

    • That’s really helpful to hear. I struggle with seeing how growth will happen this way, however. Growth usually happens in a niche when people can understand what the focus is, ya know?

  • Hi Diane-
    You’ve been instrumental in my and my family’s Paleo journey. For years. I enjoy all things Diane, and would be bored to tears if you were ever one dimensional…actually, that’s what I enjoy most about you. You come across as a passionate, intelligent, fiery young woman, and I applaud and celebrate you for all your accomplishments as well as insecurities; we all have them! What I love most about you and your content is HOW REAL you are. I can choose to agree or disagree with you, but I am interested in what interests you.
    Thanks for all you do and all you give.

  • Thanks for sharing your heart, Diane! I’ve been around your campfire for quite a while. Definitely the early days of the Balanced Bites podcast. I really appreciate hearing your voice as it continues to emerge. So the more info you have, the more I’m happy to digest. Keep up the good work!

  • I so appreciate all of the content you put out. Those concerning social justice I really don’t see often otherwise in my feed and they always make me stop and think. I wish you didn’t have to explain this but just know we see you and appreciate you.

  • Please share all the things! I am a long time fan and love seeing what you share evolve. I much prefer you share whatever is on your heart on one account. If someone isn’t interested in a certain topic, they can scroll past or skip those stories until they get to ones they are interested in.

  • Nicole Jefferson says:

    I think it is best to share how you feel comfortable. I am over 40 and not in to social media, I tried. Its not really for me. Utilize what works best for you and your readers/followers will find you. I use YouTube the most. I read blogs second.

  • Allison Payte says:

    *Hi Diane. Is Keto (paleo, of course) safe while Breastfeeding? I am trying to help a breastfeeding mom who has SIBO. I cured my own SIBO w/ Keto after Low Fodmap, Herbals, Xifaxan didn’t work for me. After researching, I can’t find a definitive answer from a source I trust. Please help! Thanks SO much!! -Allison

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