Four Simple Words to Boost Confidence | Diane Sanfilippo

Four Simple Words to Boost Confidence

Words of affirmation are meaningful to everyone, even if they’re not that person’s primary Love Language.

When you recognize effort, hard work, stepping out of a comfort zone, trying something new, or anything that makes you notice that someone is out there doing their best – say it to them.

Tell someone, “I’m proud of you.”

I think a lot of adults today spent too many years not hearing those words. Or not hearing them often enough. 

And while we can’t go back and replace them where they weren’t in each of our own histories – from the mouths of parents or respected elders or caretakers – they have meaning and impact today.

Look out for one another, and realize that a very simple gesture / expression of your pride in someone else’s achievement matters to them. A lot. It’s the smallest thing to do but it’s a BIG, MEANINGFUL INVESTMENT in that person’s future. What’s better than that?

Since it’s Thanksgiving week and all, go tell someone you’re proud of them. You just might make their week. ♥

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