Diane Daily – Make time for what matters.

Make time for what matters.

As an entrepreneur whose focus is on health and wellness, I know how important it is to walk the talk. Today I had lunch with a friend I’ve known for almost 20 years. She recently had a baby, and time passes so quickly sometimes, it’s easy to let time pass us by without connecting with the people who matter in our lives.

A few weeks back, I joined another friend I know even longer – who was a roommate of mine for many years – and looked at houses with her up north of the city. I had no skin in the game. I’m not looking to buy a home, and there was no purpose to the trip to look at houses other than to connect with my friend. Sure, I got to see some houses, which is always fun, but it wasn’t about that.

It’s about spending quality time with friends – that’s something that matters to me. A lot. The thing is, I’ve always been someone who’s quick to jump in on a trip to Target or run errands with a friend simply for the company of it – not for any real purpose otherwise.

I blogged about this in the past as well “People first, then money, then things.”

So, along with making time to take care of myself, feed myself (or myself and my husband) well, and to exercise – I’m also going to work on the conscious choices that I make to make plans with friends.

Maybe this is something important to you that you’d like to commit to as well.

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