Commit to consistently creating. (One thought posted each day, inspired by Seth Godin.)

Diane Sanfilippo

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I've decided to commit to publishing something, one thing, whether a sentence or a paragraph, everyday. For today, it's simply this – that I want to commit to this sort of virtual journal. This is inspired by the incomparable Seth Godin, who has been doing this for years.

I'll share either something I'm thinking about, maybe something I'm eating, or whatever I've got on my mind that day. Long or short, something… daily.

Let's see how I do with this idea.

Today it's this: Commit to consistently creating.

And add another word to that if you're a blogger, for example, “content.”

This is what I recommend to anyone who reads my blog or follows my work who wants to know how to make things happen. It's what I can look back at that's something I'm most proud of for the last many, many years – creating new, weekly podcasts for more than four years.

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