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Diane Daily – Don’t power through sickness.

When you feel a cold or other illness coming on, don’t power through it. No medals or awards are given to those who ignore that their bodies are fighting something and don’t allow themselves a moment to rest and heal.

In fact, I’d argue that in most cases, powering through when you feel sick simply leaves you sicker for longer, instead of getting you back to 100% sooner, so that you can truly serve those around you in your best form.

When you feel like you’re getting sick, slow down. Rest. Find a way to ask for help where you can so that you can get the rest and allow your immune system to do what it needs to do.

Get in the fluids you need: water, broth (add tons of freshly smashed garlic cloves), and herbal teas… or even try swallowing smashed garlic with some raw local honey.

Try some natural remedies. My personal triple threat includes some kind of oregano, colloidal silver (I use both this throat spray and a nasal spray at times depending on my needs), and vitamin D (outside and/or supplementally).

Check out this video where I talk more about my remedies (also embedded below).

And use a humidifier if you have one – and get one if you don’t have one. I use one that I’m sure is from the 1970s, but find one without a light on it if you can, those are annoying to try to cover overnight.

This is what I do when I feel things trying to take over my healthy body – and typically I’m back to normal in far less time than I would have been if I had acted stubborn and invincible for the first two days and didn’t allow my body to heal itself.

That’s all for today.


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