Why I don’t just talk about food

Why I *don't* just talk about food. #DIANEDIRECT | Diane Sanfilippo

Part of what I’m here (in the world) to do is to WAKE people up. Whether it’s to the fact that we have control over our health largely through what we eat, by shining light on the uncomfortable conversations that *need* to take place, or opening up and dismantling the judgment and criticism that this social media-based world somehow makes …


It was never about the food.*

It was never about the food.* #DIANEDIRECT | Diane Sanfilippo

At some point in your journey, this has probably clicked for you. If it hasn’t yet, it will. Give it time. See, for all of us who may have struggled or still struggle to eat in a way that represents our best effort to care for ourselves, that’s just it. Let me say this another way: once armed with information …


Stop holding yourself back (a little tough love)

Stop holding yourself back. #DIANEDIRECT | Diane Sanfilippo

I’ve heard from many of you recently that you’re stopped in your tracks, afraid to share something you feel passionate about with the world. Or unsure of how to start. Or simply worried what people will say… Don’t wait to serve the world with your gifts until you (or your work) appear in a way that some people deem acceptable. …


5 Tips for Better iPhone Food Photography

5 Tips for Better iPhone Food Photography | Diane Sanfilippo

These tips, while written with shooting from your iPhone or other smart phone as the primary inspiration, will also apply to shooting food photos with a DSLR. In that case, your adjustments will happen in a program like LightRoom, CaptureOne, or Photoshop. iPhone food photos can be amazing, and, in many cases, you can take food photos with your iPhone that …


Build a Badass Business Podcast #52: 5 Tips for Better Food Photos on Instagram

5 Tips for Better Food Photos on Instagram #52 - Diane Sanfilippo | Build a Badass Business

Topics  1. Garnish is important: It’s what takes a photo from being “ok” to looking that much more exciting, or a bit more thoughtful. 2. Choose a plate or a vessel that isn’t too big: Make sure that whatever you have is really full, because that’s what makes it look interesting and exciting. 3. Use natural light: If you’re wondering …

Build a Badass Business Podcast #51: Blogging Etiquette Part 1

Blogging Etiquette Episode #51 - Diane Sanfilippo | Build a Badass Business

Topics Ask for permission before you ask for forgiveness. When in doubt, don’t. If you saw it, and you tweaked it and put it on your site, it’s not yours. Look outside of your direct community for inspiration, not inside of it. It’s fair to be inspired; you can’t help be see something and like it and be inspired. Make …

Build a Badass Business Podcast #49: How to be more productive

Topics One of the keys to productivity is getting to know yourself. Getting to know yourself will make your life so much easier, and you’ll be able to accomplish the things you’re trying to accomplish in your business. And come follow me on Periscope! I’ve been posting videos often, and would love for you to hop on and interact with …