Full Plate Podcast | Ditch diet culture, respect your body, and set boundaries | Episode 32: Exercise! How to Approach it with an Anti-Diet Mindset

Episode #32: Exercise! How to Approach it With an Anti-Diet Mindset

This episode is all about movement. Diet culture has bound up fitness with food and our body image, and it’s so important to unravel that to find out what movement truly means for each of us. Making peace with exercise means approaching it from a place of self-care – but how do we do that after decades of thinking about it through the diet culture lens of “earning” or “burning” of food? Abbie takes us through three things to consider when beginning to heal our relationship with movement. We hope this is a helpful starting point! We’ll have many more future episodes on this topic to dig in further.

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In this episode:

  • What’s New with You [1:43]
  • Main Course: movement in the anti-diet paradigm [10:08]
  • Diane and Abbie’s journey with exercise [16:20]
  • Set your intention [28:38]
  • Respect your body [38:01]
  • Pursue Joy [49:51]
  • Moments [57:18]
  • Loving Lately [59:57]

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