I’m sorry. I was wrong.

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Almost exactly one year ago, on 2/3/20, I made a statement: “Food as comfort is not self love.” Here’s the thing about time, experience, perspective, wisdom, and empathy (for ourselves and for one another)… we’ve got to allow it to unfold. A year ago, I felt like this was a major revelation. I truly believed what I said. Deeply. I … Read More

Build a Badass Business Podcast #52: 5 Tips for Better Food Photos on Instagram

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5 Tips for Better Food Photos on Instagram #52 - Diane Sanfilippo | Build a Badass Business

Topics  1. Garnish is important: It’s what takes a photo from being “ok” to looking that much more exciting, or a bit more thoughtful. 2. Choose a plate or a vessel that isn’t too big: Make sure that whatever you have is really full, because that’s what makes it look interesting and exciting. 3. Use natural light: If you’re wondering … Read More