Episode #46: The Power of Having a Specific Message

In today’s episode, we’re going to chat about the power of having a specific message.

Cassy Joy: But I’m able to say; my friend makes these incredible spices that makes me make food taste better. It’s less monotonous, for something that’s really simple. To your point I’m more proud of my meal. And I look forward to making it again. So it makes it easy then for me to share your products with the next person.

Diane Sanfilippo: I might be tearing up a little.

Welcome to Driven; a show about business, life, and wellness from two confident, curious women who are pulling back the curtain on what it’s like being an entrepreneur. Each week, join hosts Diane Sanfilippo and Cassy Joy Garcia talk about being your best, showing up for your dreams, and kicking self-doubt to the curb.

Diane is a business whisperer, best-selling author, and plant-hobbyist based in San Francisco. Cassy Joy is the founder of www.FedandFit.com, best-selling author, and casserole enthusiast. She calls San Antonio, Texas, home.

Diane Sanfilippo: In today’s episode, we’re going to chat about the power of having a specific message.


  1. What’s on my plate [1:08]
  2. Shop Talk: Having a specific message [11:32]
  3. Tip of The Week: Ask someone [31:30]

1.  What’s on my plate [1:08]

Diane Sanfilippo: What’s on My Plate. In this segment, we talk about what’s happening in our businesses, and in our lives this week. Cassy; I’m still so excited. I know that’s not the word I wanted to use. I’m still so excited that you’re back. Oh; I’ve been listening to the Office Ladies podcast, and they use the word tickled a lot. I’m just tickled that you’re back. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughs} That’s so cute. I’m tickled, too! I love being back. I was cooking in my kitchen, where people normally cook. {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: As opposed to in the closet, where people normally podcast. {laughing}

Cassy Joy: Exactly. Next to my dad’s chest of drawers from his childhood. Yeah. And I don’t know, I have an extra spring in my step. I’m so excited to be here. So what’s going on right now is, aside from figuring out our new normal here in our home with a now 2-month-old and a 2.5-year-old, business, and of course all the other family things that are going on. Trying to juggle all that and figure it out.

Oh my gosh, Diane. I had a conference call that I led the other day; yesterday. And it was an interesting lesson learned in this new season of my life. I thought; oh, I’ll just strap on Bishop, my daughter, my 2-month-old. I’ll strap her on. I’ll wear her, right, in one of those wraps that you hold a baby to your chest. Because she was pretty fussy. And I was like; we’ll just go out for a walk, and I’ll lead this call from the trail. And it did not {laughs} go as planned. And what I found myself is, essentially, as far away from home as I could be with a screaming infant that had kicked out of her wrap; which is not supposed to be able to happen. because I applied it wrong. And then I had to lie her down on a park bench in order to detangle. {laughs}

Meanwhile, I’m talking about strategy; business strategy, the whole time. {laughs} Because I don’t want to break, because these calls are only 30 minutes, and I want to respect everyone’s time. Anyway. It was …

Diane Sanfilippo: 30 minutes is a shockingly short period of time.

Cassy Joy: It is.

Diane Sanfilippo: It’s astounding how much pressure it feels. Whatever. I can’t speak today. We’re recording a podcast, my words are not coming out. It feels like so much more pressure. But the one hour is like, for some reason, to have a time slot that’s an hour just feels like more pressure for people to attend. But I’m like; we could easily talk for an hour about this. You know?

Cassy Joy: Easily. Totally. Yes. I just yammer on. The next thing I looked at the clock; I had talked for 28 minutes with a screaming child. So it was; you know. It just is what it is. Sometimes babies need to cry and that’s ok. {laughs} We’ll figure it out.

But the really fun thing we’re doing right now this week is we’re moving into our office!

Diane Sanfilippo: It’s so exciting. I saw your Instagram story on your @CassyJoyGarcia account, with the big pink couch. And I was shouting along with your video.

Cassy Joy: Pivot!

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah. I didn’t want to spoil it. Pivot!

Cassy Joy: Pivot! Pivot! It was my husband and my brother-in-law carrying the couch down the stairs, because that’s where we had stored it. And I cannot help, when I see a large piece of furniture going up stairs, to not yell at them to pivot! {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: You have to! It comes with the whole package deal of having lived through…

Cassy Joy: Pivot! {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: The 90s, early 2000s. Yeah.

Cassy Joy: Oh it’s so good. But it’s going to be great. We’re going to move in. Right now it’s just a really big blank slate, and I’m in the process of ordering desks. Why is that so exciting, Diane? I’m ordering desks for people and I could not be more thrilled. I’m going to do desks, and I was geeking out with Austin about the kind of ergonomic chairs I wanted to do for everybody.

Diane Sanfilippo: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: And the stools for the kitchen. I’m just pumped. And I’m going to talk with my sister, Samantha, who has a floral business here in town. I’m going to be like; Sam! I get to be one of your weekly clients! Make me an arrangement for our office coffee table!

Diane Sanfilippo: Love that.

Cassy Joy: It’s just fun.

Diane Sanfilippo: That’s, I think, a lot of fun.

Cassy Joy: It is. So we’ll be slowly moving in this week, and then we’ll officially kick things off with some video recording. We’re going to be auditioning videographers, because we have a lot of video content that we want to start producing. So we’ll be audition. I mean, paid audition. Hiring people to come in and do a couple of videos. And then we’ll see who is the best fit. But all that starts next week!

Diane Sanfilippo: It’s so exciting. I love it.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. How about you? What’s going on?

Diane Sanfilippo: Oh. Well, as of the recording of this show. Well, I should say as of the release of this episode, which I think will air June 29th. We have a new summer menu for Balanced Bites meals. We did 5 brand new dishes that were tested over the last couple of months, and photos, and all that fun stuff. And then I’m circling back to three dishes that we had on the menu a while ago. So 8 dishes will come off the menu; 5 brand new ones and 3 previously featured dishes will come back. So still working on just figuring out the best way to rotate and plan and do all of that.

It’s a lot of work to figure out how to balance the menu really well between different proteins types that we do. Different flavor profiles; whether it’s straight up more American food, barbecue style, or is it Mexican inspired; Greek, Italian, etc. All those different flavors, and trying to balance the menu. It’s like, I don’t want to have too many of one thing. I will say we have, on this menu, we’re going to have three barbecue-ish flavor things, but I thought that was nice for summer. So that’s kind of the most we’ll ever really have of one particular thing. Anyway, that’s exciting.

And I’m excited to kind of refeature some dishes that we had in the past. I don’t think we’ve done this yet, where we’ve brought one back. I think we’ve only ever kept one, or introduced a new one. So I think this is the first round of this comeback. So anyway, I’m excited to see how that all plays out.

And we’re still just working on building the business so we can get it to a point where our menu rotation has a certain cadence that’s a little more regular. But we have to keep building up the library of meals that are in that book of recipes that we have executed through the kitchens, and that I feel are up to snuff, and all of that.

Anyway. So that’s exciting. We have a box insert that we send to our customers, as well. It’s little bit like a newsletter. You know that little tiny one you get in the Vital Farms Eggs, where it’s the little, about the chickens.

Cassy Joy: Mm-hmm. I like that.

Diane Sanfilippo: It’s kind of like that but a lot bigger. {laughs} It’s in a box of 10 meals. But it’s kind of a full-sized thing. And that’s a really fun thing to do. Just as a graphic designer by training; Moriah, on team Balanced Bites, she definitely works on that the most. But it’s just so nice to have this paper thing that goes in the box, and knowing the experience when somebody opens their box and they get this little; I don’t know. There’s just something about it. Where you get this nicely done little newsletter type thing.

So we’re giving a recipe in that. And this time we also have a little special offer for our meal customers who might want to get spices. Just having fun with some of that crossover and whatnot. What else?

So the limited-edition spices that we released several weeks ago; they went over amazingly well. I far underestimated how many I should have gotten on hand. I kind of forgot how long it had been since we released anything new, in terms of flavors. So when we put them out, people were just craving newness. And I also kind of lost sight; I don’t know what it was. Listen; inventory planning and projection, they don’t teach you that in school. {laughs} I mean, maybe if I had been a retail major. I was a retail minor. This was not part of my training, so I’m having to figure that out.

But, I really hadn’t considered the fact that these were blends that I felt much more strongly about how much people would enjoy them based on what other things sell. And I just forgot how long it had been. And people are excited to try something new. So, we blew through those really quickly; bringing some more back in. Still limited, but we’ll see if we can get these included into our regular line.

But, now I’m looking at potentially doing a couple of other limited-edition products. Now that I know that I have this capacity to do things that are limited edition. And there’s a potential for them to not be organic certified, even if all the ingredients are organic. Because one of the things that holds us back from releasing things more quickly is the certification process for organic; it takes many, many weeks. So we have to send in the labels, and make sure that the USDA is approving it in a certain way. It’s just red tape. And anything that involves government approval just takes a while. So there are things to do with that.

But, I’ve definitely been in talks with my copacker. There are different things that need to happen if you’re going to introduce any water as an ingredient versus not. As we know from skincare; just the not adding preservatives, but knowing there needs to be a certain type of process that’s different for dry ingredients, or even something like oils. And oil is one type of process, but once you introduce water, you have the potential for bacteria. This is a whole other story.

Long story short; maybe I’m alluding to a few things. But we’ll see. Working on that, and ideas for that. And I guess that’s it. I’m not going to get into the other things I’d written down, because I feel like I’ve talked long enough. But mostly Balanced Bites product related. And that’s really fun. I feel like we’re in a good growth year. So, that feels really good.

Cassy Joy: That’s so exciting.

2.  Shop Talk: Having a specific message [11:32]

Cassy Joy: Shop Talk. In this segment, we discuss topics that are related to business and entrepreneurship that are on both our minds and yours. Right now, this week we’re going to talk about the power of having a specific message.

Ok. So before Diane and I; we’re jotting down notes. Just in full disclosure; she said, what do you want to talk about today? And I said; well, I would like to talk a little bit maybe about the idea of the power of a specific message. And then we went our separate ways, and thought about what those things meant. And we came to it with two different perspectives.

Diane Sanfilippo: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: I agree with Diane’s perspective, as well. But it’s so interesting how we just have a slightly different take on this conversation. So, Diane, do you want to kind of intro yours.

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: I think yours is a good foundation.

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah. And we had a differing point of view on approaching the topic, but we are in agreement on these different concepts. So, I think my approach is just a really big picture look. So when you say the power of having a specific message, what came to mind for me was, in looking at the way that I center my own business; like, what is out message? To me that’s, what’s the intention? And what’s the focus?

So, what’s that North Star that guides you and yourself as a person, and so therefore your business. I think a lot of times we talk about a business, and people forget. Right now, I think people remember. But often people forget that a business is made up of people. And it’s always people making these decisions. And there is no nebulous thing; like, oh the business decision. No, there’s a person that made that decision. Right?

So, I was like holding up {laughs} I’m holding up a little thing like; oh, the business is this little sticker. I’m goofy, you guys. But when I think about that specific message, I really think; what is, either the mission, or the, what do you and what does your business want to be in the world and in the lives of other people.

So for me, for example with Balanced Bites. We had come to this concept of simplifying dinner time. And I actually was thinking about this more as I was noodling on this topic in the shower, where I do my best thinking. {laughs} But I was thinking about this more, and I was thinking; really what it comes down to is how do we help people have more flavor in their lives? Really that’s kind of the practical everyday thing. But if you pull back, it’s like; simplifying dinner time. Whether it’s making cooking easier. Whether it’s actually giving you those meals to put on the table. Whether it’s recipes that you’re using, all of that.

But, my intention and focus and North Star as a person is not that. It’s really a lot more about empowerment, and helping people to help themselves. And feel proud of themselves. And feel excited. And food is such a beautiful way to do that. Right? Because we watch people who; whether they got healthier and kind of got in control of their health that previously felt really off the rails and they didn’t know what to do to help themselves. And I know that was your grounding story that got you into all of this. And for me, a lot of it is on the side of cooking. And just; hey everyone! This doesn’t need to be that complicated. You can make really delicious food. You need to add seasoning to your food. And let me help you make it easier. You know?

So, as simple as that seems as an everyday thing. When I think about the impact that it makes, that somebody picks up a jar of something and loves what they just fed their family; that brings me so much joy and it warms my heart that it’s a part of their kitchen, and a part of their life in that way.

So for me, that North Star and that intention and focus is about having a lasting, positive impact on a person’s life in a way that makes them feel empowered and like they did it. You did it. I didn’t do it. You did it. Maybe I’m helping, but you did it. You did this thing. So that’s kind of always the thing that we come back to with the intention of; how do we help anybody do that? So we try and weave that through.

No, not everybody is going to buy Balanced Bites meals; they’re at the higher end of a price point. And somebody who is going to spend that money, we’re like; you did that. You made a really good decision. You got to feed yourself well. Or maybe you fed the kids with it, whatever. And then weaving that through to have different ways to offer that to different people.

But that’s kind of; for me, the specific message. Even though it doesn’t get as granular as I think the original ideas that you were thinking of. So what’s your approach to this?

Cassy Joy: Well, I really like what Diane is saying. Because like I said at the beginning, I do wholeheartedly agree with that approach. And I think it’s very powerful to know where you’re coming from so that you know what you can offer people. And I think that’s where she and I were coming at this conversation from the top and the bottom, meeting in the middle.

To your point, who are we at Fed and Fit and who do we want to be in the world? It’s funny, we have the same word in our very short mission statement. But we are a no-rules wellness website. Meaning that we are not going to be prescriptive about any one way of living. We’re just going to do all the research, and try to present you with as unbiased information as possible in an effort to empower healthy lifestyles.

And then something that has been interwoven as kind of a theme; it’s not necessarily in our mission statement so to speak as a company, but it’s a theme at Fed and Fit. We’re a work in progress. Everybody is a work in progress. And with that; because that’s who we are in the world as a work in progress, we give our readers permission to also recognize themselves as a work in progress. And it shows up in all of our content. We’re not ever putting something out there claiming for it to be perfect or infallible.

And it’s so interesting, because that’s the community and environment that we have created. And I think; it’s a virtual business, obviously. We’re about to move into a physical space. But I want it to feel like you’re walking into someone’s kitchen and living room where you feel very comfortable and you can be yourself, and you feel a little bit healthier, and a little bit more knowledgeable, and a little bit more empowered when you leave and you go home.

Diane Sanfilippo: I love that.

Cassy Joy: That’s the feeling I want folks to have.

Diane Sanfilippo: I love that. And just as a quick counterpoint; I wouldn’t say that the feeling that people would get from my little house on the internet is exactly the same at all. Because I think there’s a; yes, we’re all a work in progress, and I 100% agree with that. I think the vibe people would get is to raise their standards. My thing is always raise your standards. And that doesn’t mean spend more for everything. It just means my expectation of people is to expect more of themselves in whatever way, whether it’s showing up a certain way. Whether it’s helping themselves to search for more information on their own.

So I think that’s so interesting. Because I think what you’re saying is fully aligned with the vibe that I would get from your business. And I think people would be like; yep. Also, we don’t feel that exactly from Diane and her business.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: And I think that’s fair. You know what I mean? Because we have to embody that ourselves as well, for better or for worse. But I think we can all continue to expect a little more of ourselves. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughing}

Diane Sanfilippo: Unfortunately, that feels like a little bit of pressure. I feel it all the time, I wish I didn’t. But I like the grace that your work in progress; that’s a soft landing and that’s really welcoming.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. And that’s what we’re aiming to do. And Diane has gone from; I mean, we’re friends, and she’s also a mentor of mine, and all of those kinds of things. I think everybody needs a mentor and a friend who is going to push you, like Diane does, and the environment that you’re creating to be better. That’s a great place to be, Diane. I just want to double down on that. {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: That’s a generous response. Thank you. I appreciate that.

Cassy Joy: I mean it. I’m not giving you lip service. But that’s where we’re coming from. And that’s a very specific feeling. Right? It is a very specific; we know exactly how we want our content to be consumed. And the feeling we want our readers to have. And that’s very powerful. It really helps guide; not only our content and how we build our content calendar. What would really help somebody right now? What in the wellness world is really confusing to people right now? And how can we give them some information that makes it feel less confusing and less stressful of a topic. Right? Because there’s a lot of “coulda, shoulda, woulda’s” in the world, and we really want to be able to give people some peace and with that knowledge is power idea.

So I think it’s great. I encourage, like Diane said. I’m just reiterating everything you said. But double down on know exactly who you are and where you’re coming from; because the next step, and this is where I was coming back in this conversation, is because then you’re able to be very specific in your product. Because yes, it makes it easier to know who you are; but then, when you put yourself in the consumer shoes. Which, I call them readers in the Fed and Fit world. Our readers shoes; are they confused about what we do? And to be very specific in your product or service offerings is very powerful.

And Diane and I were kind of joking about this, because I’m not claiming to be really great at this. I’ve accidentally been very specific with service offerings in the past. I tend to resist it because I want to be a little bit of, we do it all. I want to be a little bit of; come here and we’ll give you a little of this and a little of that. It’s all wellness related and it’s all written with, like you said, a soft landing.

But at the end of the day when I have been really specific with a certain product or service. Like meal prep. Cook Once, Eat All Week is incredibly specific. You take a protein, a starch, and a vegetable, and you combine them and we give you three very exact dishes. And it’s meal prep. And it’s meant for a gluten-free lifestyle is essentially what we’ve written for.

And I would have thought, when we first thought of this idea as a product offering, that it would have limited our growth. Because we’re zeroing in on a very small group of people who this might serve. Or a very small part of a person’s life. But at the end of the day, is it gave our readers something to sink their teeth into, metaphorically, that they could say; oh. This is what they do. They solved this problem; this very specific problem that I have. And then they use it, love it, and then they say; ok what’s next. What else do you have? What is the next very specific problem you can solve?

And it’s so powerful to be able to build some sort of a product or some sort of a service that people can very succinctly tell their friends about. Diane makes these incredible spices. I was talking to a friend this morning. And I was like; I put this Super Trifecta on my eggs. It’s Super Trifecta; did I get the name right?

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: I tend to make up names. Ok.

Diane Sanfilippo: {laughing}

Cassy Joy: {laughs} Remember I called one of your blends once upon a time Super Garlic, and you were like; that sounds delicious but I don’t make that yet. {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: Did I? Did I say that? I don’t remember.

Cassy Joy: You did, because it made me laugh. I’ve giggled about it since. But this Super Trifecta; it’s so yummy if you don’t have it. But I put it on my eggs every morning. And it’s so delicious. And I was telling her; I was like, I got so bored with my eggs, and this just breathes life back into my breakfast.

Diane Sanfilippo: You’re hired!

Cassy Joy: {laughs} I look forward to it. Again, this is genuine. But I’m able to say; my friend makes these incredible spices that makes me make food taste better. It’s less monotonous, for something that’s really simple. To your point I’m more proud of my meal. And I look forward to making it again. So it makes it easy then for me to share your products with the next person.

Diane Sanfilippo: I might be tearing up a little.

Cassy Joy: Aww!

Diane Sanfilippo: That’s so nice!

Cassy Joy: I really mean it. And I’m excited that I can support not only; I mean, yes, I love you as a friend. I can support you in that way. But I can support this great business if I didn’t know you! I can be like; gosh, I finally have a way to support Diane. I’ve enjoyed her content and now I have this thing that I can share.

Diane Sanfilippo: Mm-hmm. Well that’s super nice.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: I really appreciate it. Thank you. I’m so glad your food is tasting delicious. Which, I’m sure it always does. It’s actually; that’s a big coup for someone who makes a product and I’m not usually a customer. First of all, I’m not usually a customer of a lot of the things I create. I don’t cook from recipes. But I’m definitely my number one customer of spices. We literally never reach for a single spice anymore; like an individual. There are very few that we reach for. Because I know how hard it is, as somebody who does create recipes, to use someone else’s combinations of flavors and spices and whatever.

And I don’t expect my peers and friends to use all of them. But I know, when we do, we’re like; oh good, I don’t have to mix this up anymore. It’s just so nice. So anyway, that’s super nice. Thank you.

And the note that I wrote down is that; when you were talking about Cook Once, Eat All Week, or even with whether it’s creating spices or an eBook or whatever it is. Sometimes the thing that you create that’s more specific is not for everyone that’s in your audience, and that’s ok.

So for example, Cook Once, Eat All Week is not an approach that I definitely would use. I’m home, I don’t mind cooking multiple times in a week. But to your point, it gives me something to really easily turn to someone else who I know is looking for that solution and say; oh my gosh. My friend Cassy created this awesome system, and you should get this cookbook. Here’s what it’s all about. First of all, if you can explain it really easily to someone else, and then someone else can explain it to someone else what you do and what you’ve created and what you’re all about, that makes it so much easier.

The other thing; so we talked about Instagram last week. This is huge, because so many people ask us questions about; what do I share on social media? How do I decide what to post about? And all of that. I think if you have a specific message, there’s two things that lends itself to when it comes to social media. One; we’ve used this example a lot. Let’s say for the purpose of Fed and Fit. You like to create resources and guides and give people this 360 view; we’re testing all of them. We’re going to tell you what we think is the best. But here we’re going to tell you whether you want dairy free or not; whatever. And that’s great.

But then if somebody else has a website or a blog that’s only ever going to be dairy free, that’s just a filter on the same information. And there’s a way for you to know; do I have to test the things with dairy? No. Your specific message is always going to be dairy free, so you don’t have to do that. And it just gives you a way to narrow what it is you’re going to talk about. And that’s not a bad thing. Because otherwise, we’re all floating in this pool of information all the time. And we don’t know.

But you know, for your brand, you don’t want to limit it. You might limit it in other ways. Maybe you don’t talk about things that are only available super locally in San Antonio because that’s not your audience 100%. So there are different things around that.

And then further, when it comes to social media, people are always like; what should I post? Well, if you have this specific message, your filter for a topic can always run through that. So we were talking about this, for example, the Black Lives Matter conversation that’s been going on. A couple of weeks ago we talked about it. What if your specific niche of your health coaching business, for example, is women’s health and hormones. And you’re like; oh my gosh. How do I talk about Black Lives Matter? I want to be talking about women’s health and hormones. Well, the intersection of those two things is a huge conversation. And you don’t need to also talk about every other aspect of how this thing is affecting the systems of the world. Or how systemic racism plays into everything of the world; apply that through the filter. Or look at that through the filter of women’s health and hormones. There’s plenty to talk about in there, for days and days.

So when we look at topics of food, and how do we make sure that food is accessible, and issues around social justice that apply through the lens of health delicious food. We can narrow the conversation within our own specific message and specific little niche. Does that make sense?

Cassy Joy: That makes a lot of sense. Yes. And that’s a big call to action in this wellness space, as well. And if you’re not quite sure where to dig in, I would just start researching that. If you run a wellness related business.

Diane Sanfilippo: Ok, so if you’re not sure what your specific message is, I think you can kind of grab a pen, grab a notebook, and run it through this filter that starts at the top with my big picture view of things, and then applies also what Cassy was saying. So who are you as a person? What is your intention and focus? What is your North Star as a person? How do you want other people to feel as a result of being your friend, or being in your life, or being led by you, or being taught by you? What is it that you want people to experience there? And how can you translate that into what you want people to feel as a result of interacting with your business?

And then from there, how does that kind of filter down further to how your business is going to show up in the world in terms of the message that you’re sharing so that people know how to talk about what you’re doing with someone else. Because the first pass is; how do I explain what I do to other people? To your point, Cassy, for like a decade, I was like; what do I want to tell this person who is asking me what I do?

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Diane Sanfilippo: You know? And it was like; which thing do I pick? And now I’m finally like, well I have a healthy food-oriented business. I don’t even know if I could do it right now {laughs} So maybe I’ll go through this exercise.

Cassy Joy: We need to do our own homework.

Diane Sanfilippo: Yeah, you’ll give us a tip of the week and you’ll help us do the homework.

Cassy Joy: Ok.

Diane Sanfilippo: And then knowing how other people can talk about you. Anyway we’ll close it out there. And we’ll head into a tip of the week, I think, next.

4. Tip of The Week: Ask someone [31:30]

Diane Sanfilippo: Alright; Tip of The Week! In this segment, we give you one tip that you can take action on this week to move your business or life forward. And Cassy, you’ll give us the tip. I think this will wrap us up from our conversation today.

Cassy Joy: Yes. To piggyback on Diane’s homework for everybody; I think that the final test to see if you’ve actually nailed your specific message and/or your specific product or service offering is; once you think you’ve figured it out, talk about it. And then ask your friend, your partner, whoever you’re around. Someone that knows you and knows your business and has heard your conversation about what it is that you want to be doing. And then ask them to tell you what it is that you do. And who you are. And if they cannot paint you a clear picture, then you might need to refine it.

Diane Sanfilippo: Oh, I just figured out what I’m going to do. I’m going to ask you to do it. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughing} You want me to paint your elevator pitch?

Diane Sanfilippo: Next week. We’ll do it next week.

Cassy Joy: Ok, deal. That’s fun. {laughs}

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Tune in next week for another brand-new episode We’ll see you then.