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Boundaries Workshop with Diane Sanfilippo

What are boundaries?

Defining the term, and expanding our understanding.

When & why to set boundaries.

Mental, emotional, and physical signs you need them; factors to consider and the benefits of setting them.

How to set boundaries.

Scenarios & language and behavior to use and examples of boundaries being set in each. This is the bulk of the workshop – we will cover your real life examples, scenarios, and questions here.

“I am so grateful for your boundary class, the biggest thing I learned is that just because you set a boundary doesn’t mean it’s set in stone and that you can’t change your mind later and change the boundaries. I was always so afraid of setting boundaries because I looked at it as a punishment to others, and while in extreme cases it certainly can, what you explained in the class is that it’s more about protecting yourself vs. punishing others. Thank you so much for this!”
– Ashley

(Above is just a small preview at some of the workshop slides!)

We’ll cover scenarios and examples across the following areas…


with your boss
with colleagues
with clients


with friends when in public
“strangers” social media (people you don’t know)
with doctors or other medical professionals




partner, kids

“Excellent class! Thank you – for being a great teacher, for sharing your own vulnerability and the lessons you personally have learned, for excellent (and attractively) designed materials. In particular, I appreciated the framework you created with the escalating levels of response and all of the examples you walked us through. I made a long list of my own boundaries and observed that if I don’t honor them, I end up feeling resentful (things like not staying out late, not drinking alcohol, not booking back-to-back meetings that don’t allow me to have a lunch break, and so many more). I look forward to putting the framework and lessons into practice starting today!”
-Jessica G

About Diane

I‘m an entrepreneur (founder of Balanced Bites Wholesome Foods) New York Times bestselling “diet book” author turned anti-diet and boundaries advocate.

I teach about boundaries through my lived personal experience as well as through my experience in supporting friends through setting boundaries in their own lives to find more peace and contentment.Why I’m a boundaries advocate.

Through my nature, and through deeply attuning my inner world, I’ve learned that creating peace versus unrest requires that we interact with the outer world in a more honest and self-empowering way.

More words from Boundaries Workshop participants…

“Diane’s workshop was exactly what I needed to more clearly understand the different types of boundaries and how they can support me in everything from my work to family situations. I felt empowered knowing the different nuances and sometimes subtle, and sometimes more direct ways I can approach tricky situations. Honestly, I feel so much better going into the holidays with what I learned in her workshop. I can’t recommend it enough and wish everyone would take it!”
– Robyn

“It was so helpful to learn about different levels of boundaries we can set, not just with others but with ourselves. And the open discussion felt like a safe space to explore, ask questions, and get insights from others. I have a much better understanding of myself and feel more confident about establishing, communicating and upholding boundaries, not just for my own well-being but for those around me too.”
– Naomi


“Thank you Diane for walking through my scenarios and for putting this workshop together. I came away from this with so much useful information!”
– Melissa


“I’m so grateful for this discussion, I feel like I learned a lot and have a lot to think about.”
– Shannon


“This is so very helpful!  such useful information!”
– Carol


“Thank you very much, Diane and everyone on the call. I love the process of the different levels of boundaries.”
– Bronwen