Full Plate Podcast | Ditch diet culture, respect your body, and set boundaries | Episode 37: No Diet, Now What? How to Eat without the Rules

Episode #37: No Diet, Now What? How To Eat Without The Rules.

In this episode, we’re tackling part two of our listener question from last week about how the f*ck to figure out what to eat after decades of following diet rules and living with a disordered eating mentality about food. Abbie takes us through two foundational places to begin this process, and then we talk about some tangible tips for putting together a satisfying meal.

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In this episode:

  • What’s New with You [1:39]
  • Main Course: Honoring your hunger [6:14]
  • Make a list of food rules [13:42]
  • Friends in the diet culture [24:58]
  • Loving Lately [33:54]

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