Episode #28: 3 Ways to Feel Better in Your Body Today

In this episode, Abbie takes us through 3 tips for improving our body image…right now. Body image is a complex, individual, and nuanced topic.

Healing our own body image can feel insurmountable given that diet culture is constantly moving the target of the beauty ideal, and everywhere we look we’re faced with messaging that makes us feel like we’re never good enough. True healing takes time and support, but there are actually a lot of practical things we can do daily that make us feel drastically better in our bodies.

Give this episode a listen for three tangible tips, and save it for those days when you need a little extra reminder that you are not defined by your body.

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In this episode: 

  • What’s New with You [2:49]
  • Loving Lately [9:42]
  • Main Course: Body image [13:03]
  • Body checking [17:33]
  • Clothing that fits [29:00]
  • Cleaning up social media [38:36]
  • Better with Boundaries [43:51]

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