Episode #27: Q&A – All About Hunger

In this episode, we are diving into three listener questions on hunger. Abbie walks us through the science behind these questions along with some practical tips on navigating them, and both Abbie and Diane reflect on personal experiences with hunger in recovering from dieting and / or disordered eating.

Listener questions we answer: 

  • “I love love love your podcast. I am getting more comfortable with eating a wide variety of foods, eating when hungry and having a different body. I do feel uncomfortably bloated many days. Is that normal when you expand your foods? Can this settle down or do I need to get comfortable with bloat?”
  • “Now that I can eat whatever I want, not much sounds great and I go too long without eating. Do you have tips for how to navigate this?”
  • “Why am I hungrier when I don’t sleep well or enough?”

Studies of interest (please note TW for stigmatizing language, which is prevalent in the scientific literature):

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In this episode: 

  • What’s New with You [1:40]
  • Loving Lately [10:40]
  • Main Course: Hunger Q&A–bloating[13:57]
  • Now that I can have anything I want; what do I actually want?[24:18]
  • More hungry with less sleep[33:34]
  • Moments [40:09]

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