Episode #25: How Do I Stop My Emotional Eating?

Today we’re talking about a common question we get: How do I stop being such an emotional eater? Well, as usual, the discussion around this might surprise you. We dig into common questions as well as some practical tips for how to navigate this. Topics include understanding what emotional eating really is, how restriction impacts our eating behaviors, the importance of breaking your food rules, and how to tune in to different signs of hunger.

Links Mentioned:

Episode #7 – Will I Keep Gaining Weight Forever?

Minnesota Starvation Study

Other studies of interest on this topic:

(TW for fat-phobic language)

Restrained Eating and Food Cues: Recent Findings and Conclusions

Food Insecurity and Eating Disorder Pathology

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In this episode:

  • What’s New with You [1:40]
  • Loving Lately [9:50]
  • Main Course: Emotional Eating [14:48]
  • Recovering from deprivation [23:41]
  • Food as a coping tool [36:01]
  • Moments [45:13]

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