Episode #23: Handling Autoimmune Flares Without Diet Culture

Today we’re answering a listener question from instagram. The question is about being tempted to restrict or revert to elimination of foods during an autoimmune flare, and how to cope without diet culture.

We discuss the influence of wellness culture on the autoimmune community, the pitfalls of food as a way to “fix” ourselves when our bodies are struggling, and how to think about this complex experience from a lens of compassion and true self-care.

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In this episode:

  • What’s New with You [1:41]
  • Loving Lately [10:34]
  • Main Course: Listener question regarding autoimmunity and “clean” eating [14:42]
  • The food is not the problem [22:22]
  • Diet culture thinking [28:12]
  • Moments [38:52]

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