Episode #2: Abbie’s Story

This episode is Abbie’s backstory – hear about her history and what led her to teaching about diet culture today. While not every part nor the full length of her story is possible to fit into a reasonable amount of time for a podcast, this show is intended to provide context and help you get to know her better. Our first three episodes are not the typical format we’ll be following. Episode 4 is the most representative of what our typical format will be. So, if you want to jump to that, feel free. Episodes 1-3 are to help you understand where we’re coming from and provide a basic foundation for future episodes.

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As always, you can find Diane on Instagram @dianesanfilippo and Abbie @abbieattwoodwellness.

In this episode:

  • What’s New With You [1:59]
  • Main Course: Interview with Abbie – Childhood through College  [9:02]
  • The Unraveling [25:48]
  • Transitioning to the Bay area [40:25]
  • Moments [1:04:50]

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