Episode #11: Special guest, food blogger Madeline Tague & her anti-diet journey

Join us while we chat with Madeline Tague, the food blogger behind madaboutfood.co and the Instagram @mad_about_food, about her anti-diet journey both personally and professionally. In the interview we cover her shift away from dietary langauge when sharing recipes, her change of heart about Whole30, and how she approaches food with two diagnosed autoimmune conditions.

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In this episode:

  • What’s New with You [1:37]
  • Main Course: Guest interview, Madeline Tague [13:15]
  • Identifying diet culture [24:41]
  • Navigating the fears of quitting diet culture [33:54]
  • Healing and acceptance [48:24]
  • Anti-diet culture and the business [52:23]

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