Episode #1: Welcome to Full Plate!

For our first episode, we’re giving y’all the context around the start of this show, how Diane & Abbie connected and some background about what this show is all about. This episode and our next two will not be the typical format we’ll be following. Episode 4 is the most representative of what our typical format will be. So, if you want to jump to that, feel free. Episodes 1-3 are to help you understand where we’re coming from and provide a basic foundation for future episodes. Find the show on Instagram @fullplate.podcast and support us on Patreon for bonus content at Patreon.com/fullplate Patreon is also where we’ll publicly host transcripts for each episode, so if you’re looking for those, head over to our Patreon.

As always, you can find Diane on Instagram @dianesanfilippo and Abbie @abbieattwoodwellness

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