Bonus Episode #1: Q&A – Nutrition in Intuitive Eating, Diabetes, & Emotional Eating

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In this episode, we dig into some juicy FAQs that center around the pursuit of health within the intuitive eating and anti-diet paradigms.

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Questions we covered:

First up…

I have lots of questions bouncing through my head as I listen, and now I’m finding it hard to form any of them coherently. My husband has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the past year. He seems to be handling it well by making some adjustments but not drastically restricting. Any suggestions for someone navigating type 2 diabetes or for supporting them?

I would love suggestions on incorporating gentle nutrition without falling back into diet talk. I’ve been actively not tracking food or weighing myself for a while now, but recognize times when I just don’t feel as energetic when I eat randomly. Similarly another listener asked…

To start: I love being strong and having muscles. most of my workouts are powerlifting with cardio once or twice a week in the form of kickboxing ideally. My set weight definitely shifts with strength goals. I haven’t ever tracked my food for these but I have made sure I get a decent amount of protein each day, prioritizing it at meals a bit. I understood this was good for women and strength in particular. I saw Abbie mention in a comment that protein wasn’t as important? So I would love further discussion on how this might fit in!

And finally…

I’m struggling to understand how to approach intuitive eating when I feel like I’m an emotional eater, specifically in the evenings. What tips do you have for navigating emotional eating?

Links mentioned in the episode:

Intuitive eating is associated with glycemic control in type 2 diabetes

Dieting and weight cycling as risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases: who is really at risk?

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