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This past year has brought about a change… in my beauty routine! I have fallen in love with so many products from the company, Beautycounter. Not only because they make high-performing makeup and skincare products, but they are a company that cares about the safety and integrity of what you put on your skin. Their products go through a rigorous screening process being tested for heavy metals three times before being made available. Additionally, they avoid ingredients that are banned in other countries, but not in the United States, making their quality a step above the rest.

Our skin is our largest organ and what we wear everyday matters! Not everything I wear is perfect, but you have to pick your poison! Whether we're talking about skin care or diet, it's about doing the best you can, when you can! I've been happy to share about the Beautycounter products I love ever since I started using them last Spring.

Here's a round-up of my favorite products from Beautycounter that I began using this year. These all make perfect holiday gifts! I love far more than what I have listed below, but I'm trying to limit what I'm calling out for now so I don't overwhelm anyone!


  1. Charcoal Cleansing Bar

    This product is absolutely my #1 favorite Beautycounter product. It performs great and my skin has looked significantly better since introducing this cleansing bar. I use it for my face, but also on my body, especially my shoulders. Plus, this bar lasts a really long time! My best tip for making it last even longer: stand it up vertically in the shower to expose less surface area to moisture!
    Buy the Charcoal Cleansing Bar >

  2. Charcoal Mask

    I am obsessed with this mask, not only as a treatment mask for my whole face but as a spot treatment overnight on breakouts!
    How I use it as a spot treatment: I keep my normal bedtime routine with moisturizer and face oils and then I simply dab a little bit of the mask on problem areas. Then, I go to bed! The charcoal helps to calm inflammation of the skin, which reduces the redness of the pimples throughout the night.
    How I apply it: I tap the container to be sure the mask is at the top of the container. Then, I'll squirt a nickel-sized amount into a pinch bowl and apply the mask with a flat makeup brush. The brush helps to use less of the product and gives you a very even, thin layer which helps the product last longer!
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  3. Winter Dream Palette **NOW SOLD OUT**


    In this video, I describe the Winter Dream Palette, which sadly was a limited edition item for the holidays. Beautycounter has since replaced this palette with the Desert Sunrise Palette.

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  4. Color Pinch Cream Blusher

    I love how natural this blusher looks. Simply apply a few dabs (2-3) on your cheeks and blend with your fingertips. It's perfect for a minimal makeup look and everyday wear (Blush powders are better if you'll be on camera). Bonus! You could totally use this product as a lip color. I have the cream blusher in Hibiscus, but it comes in many colors.
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  5. Glow Shimmer Oil

    The Glow Shimmer Oil is a body oil with a little bit of shimmer added. This one, I admit, is a bit frivolous, but what better time for frivolity than the holidays?! Perfect on your skin for a holiday party or anytime you're going out to have that finished look in a sleeveless shirt or on your neckline. I used this on our book tour all the time and felt it gave my skin a pretty finish.
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Bonus Products! *SOLD OUT*

Okay, I couldn't stop at just 5!! I also love all of the lip glosses in the Love & Luster gift set (set of 4). They smell like vanilla and aren't too sticky. In the video, I have a red lip pencil on with the Gold (Sunshine) Lip Gloss over top. The gold lightens the color underneath and adds some shine.
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