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Advice for Single Ladies | Diane Sanfilippo
A few weeks ago, I posted a photo on Instagram of Scott and I at our City Hall wedding. We were both 34 when we met, and after seeing that post, I saw so many comments coming in from you ladies, saying it gave you hope! Let's talk!

4.4.16: I was so overwhelmed with emotions the day we *actually* got married at City Hall here in SF that I broke out in hysterical laughter. The officiant was definitely confused, but my husband knew it was just my way of expressing all the joy. To my #MCM every week, @fullbodyfix – I love our life. ♥️

We also had a “wedding” in NJ about 7 months before this, but this was the on-paper version, on my mom's birthday in SF – something I always wanted to do and that was made more special by sharing it with her birthday and my parents (pictured). A few local friends also attended (City Hall limits you!).

To those who don't know our story, we met when we were both 34, and I was basically ready to be single for forever because I simply didn't think it was going to happen for me. I was touring for “Practical Paleo” (the first time I ever toured), and we were introduced by Hayley & Bill of Primal Palate in Pittsburgh after my signing at Penguin Books in Sewickley. October 20, 2012 is when we met.

I knew right away that I liked him, and by the time we went on our first real date several weeks later (I had been off touring in CA and Texas and we kept in touch during that time), I felt the spark. You know, the “I'm pretty sure you're the right one for me, but I don't wanna jinx this” kind of spark. He just had this calm, kind demeanor… and for some crazy reason he didn't think *I* was crazy or too quirky or too silly. Too much to explain on IG, but as soon as he cleaned off my icy car window one morning before he went to work (he didn't have extra time for that, but he did it anyway), I knew. I mean, you know it took more than that, but it's the little things that made me fall for him.

And it's the little things still every day that we take time to appreciate that make us laugh like I did here almost every day.

Also, how cute are my parents?!

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City Hall Wedding | Diane Sanfilippo

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