A Letter of Gratitude

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Last year around this time I was overwhelmed with gratitude on the eve of my last book release, reflecting on what the last year of my life had been. This year, I’m both reflecting on the last decade and looking ahead to this next one. I’m both calm and confident about what I’ve done and who I’ve become and also … Read More

Time-blocking: Why I Don’t (And Never Will) Use This Approach To Managing My Time.

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Time blocking: why I don't (and never will) use that approach. | Diane Sanfilippo

  On a recent episode of the Driven podcast we discussed having a linear vs non-linear approach to planning a product or business launch, which got me thinking about time management… It’s almost comical how many times smart, productive, well-meaning people have told me, “you just need to time block” when I expressed frustrations in the past about my own … Read More

More than food, but sometimes FOOD.

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More than Food, But Sometimes Food | Diane Sanfilippo

You know what? I realized that trying to only share one type of content via my @dianesanfilippo Instagram account is just not my vibe. If you follow @balancedbites, you’ll see just food or food-related content. Maybe one day I’ll open a separate account where I talk about other things. But, on an account with my name, I simply can’t not … Read More