Boundaries Workshop with Diane

BOUNDARIES Workshop with Diane Sanfilippo

Boundaries workshop with Diane Sanfilippo.

What we'll cover:

What are boundaries?

Defining the term, and expanding our understanding.

Who can set boundaries?

What role a person is holding in life and how they may set boundaries.

When & why to set boundaries.

Mental, emotional, and physical signs you need them; factors to consider and the benefits of setting them.

How to set boundaries.

Scenarios & language and behavior to use and examples of boundaries being set in each. This is the bulk of the workshop – we will cover your real life examples, scenarios, and questions here.


We'll cover scenarios and examples across the following areas…


  • boss
  • colleagues
  • clients


  • “strangers”
  • social media (people you don't know)


  • friends
  • social media (people you know)


  • partner
  • kids
  • roommates


  • parents
  • relatives


  • Doctors, etc.

(and any others you submit)

About Diane

I'm an entrepreneur (founder of Balanced Bites Wholesome Foods) New York Times bestselling “diet book” author turned anti-diet and boundaries advocate.

I teach about boundaries through my lived personal experience as well as through my experience in supporting friends through setting boundaries in their own lives to find more peace and contentment.

Why I'm a boundaries advocate.

Through my nature, and through deeply attuning my inner world, I've learned that creating peace versus unrest requires that we interact with the outer world in a more honest and self-empowering way.

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The workshop will be recorded and all attendees will be provided an audio recording along with the slide deck and an accompanying workbook PDF.