What’s Up Weekly with Diane | January 20, 2016

What's Up Weekly with Diane Sanfilippo | January 20th, 2016

Here is your “What's Up Weekly” for last week!

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Paleo Breakfast Hash with Sweet Potato

Need an easy recipe for the weekend? This is a winner! What I love about this recipe is how versatile it is — you can substitute sausage or bacon for the pork, (or use ground turkey!) mix in additional veggies, and even experiment with different seasonings.Plus, this recipe can be enjoyed even while on the 21-Day Sugar Detox or you can easily make it egg-free. Full details and recipe here!

Paleo Breakfast Hash with Sweet Potato | Diane Sanfilippo
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Homemade Almond Milk and Almond Meal

For those of you who ask me about buying almond milk, I have some strong feelings about why most of walmondmilk fronthat you find out there, readily available commercially, is mostly almond essence + water + flavor + gums… because it is.

It's not what you want, it's the essence of what you want and mostly junky additives. Why? Well, it's far cheaper to sell you something that looks and tastes like real almond milk than it is to sell you the real stuff.

You can make it yourself, or you can look for a legit brand similar  to the two pictured here which I believe are local here in California. You'll have to check your farmers markets and organic grocery co-op type places if you want something real and you almondmilk backdon't want to make it yourself. You could probably make yours at home for the same price as the junky one here.

And, be ready to shell out the cash for it, because the real stuff is:
1) not shelf stable
2) not cheap.

The real deal almond milks pictured here are just over 2x the price of the junky one.

I'm here to bring awareness to the fact that just because it looks better, it may not be – and just because it's almond milk doesn't mean it's a healthy, real food.

SO here is your almond milk recipe to make your own easy homemade almond milk free of additives and junk!

Homemade Almond Milk & Almond Meal | Diane Sanfilippo (recipe from The 21-Day Sugar Detox)

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Kale Chips

Want crispy kale chips that aren't burnt or overly shriveled up?!

Bake at 350 for 10 minutes, then turn the oven OFF and leave the kale in the oven to cool down. This gives the chips time to dehydrate further but not burn. Delicious! (Full recipe here.)

Catch a quick video clip I posted this week here.

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CAST YOUR VOTEBest of Paleo 2015

Best of Paleo 2015

The time has come! Cast YOUR votes for the BEST OF PALEO in this year's Paleo Magazine awards. Vote here! I've been nominated in 2 categories, and I'd love for you to hop over and cast your vote for me as “Best Instagrammer
and for The Balanced Bites Podcast for “Best Paleo Podcast!”

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#greatby8 movementThis Week's Theme:

Join the movement! #GREATBY8 is all about setting an intention for yourself, then holding yourself accountable to it the following day, before 8am! (Yes, exceptions may be made for those of you who work wonky hours!)

To shake it up a bit and challenge you all, I'm going to try to give you a theme each week to work from. It won't be super specific, but you'll need to get creative and work your #greatby8 into it – sound good?!

This week's #greatby8 challenge theme is: “Better than Before” – much like the book I've talked about for months now. I think we can all learn a ton from Gretchen Rubin, so let's take that concept and apply it to our #greatby8 actions each day this week. Post your pics and tag #greatby8 along with me @dianesanfilippo – I'll share as many as I can as I have been each week now. YOU GUYS ROCK.

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 NOW on SNAPCHAT!Snapchat

Are you on Snapchat?!  I jumped on the app this week.  You can see some of my behind-the-scenes in “My Story.” This means mostly sleeping pets, food, maybe some gym clips, and general life of an entrepreneur.  For the foodies, I share a lot more about my food than I can post about on Instagram or Facebook. Come follow my daily routine @dianesanfilippo.

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Balanced Bites Podcast #226: New to Paleo Q&A, Tips & Tricks Part 2

New to Paleo Q&A, Tips & Tricks (Part 2) - Diane Sanfilippo, Liz Wolfe | Balanced Bites

Build a Badass Business #54: What I Can and Can't Teach You About Building a Successful Business

What I Can & Can't Teach You About Building a Successful Business #54 - Diane Sanfilippo | Build a Badass Business

Watch this LIVE Periscope replay we used to record Build a Badass Business #54 podcast episode!

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Supporting Your Immune System while on the 21DSD

Read the top 10 things you can do to tackle optimal health this winter – all 21-Day Sugar Detox friendly in this guest blog post by a 21DSD certified coach.


The next 21-Day Sugar Detox Kickoff is February 1st. Sign up now!

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diane and liz portlandSAVE THE DATE

Liz and I will be heading to Portland on March 17th.

Details to follow, but save the date and tell your friends!



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I found this Red Boat Fish Sauce at my Trader Joe's!! $4.99…Go get some! Fish sauce is typically used in Asian recipes (like my Asian Style Meatballs from The 21-Day Sugar Detox Guidebook or Shrimp & Pork Cabbage-Wrapped Dumplings)  and this brand is squeaky clean.

Red Boat Fish Sauce

Found these fresh rolls at Whole Foods and they look so good! Everyone on Instagram and Facebook say they are gluten free without using the sauces that they provide. Grab some coconut aminos and enjoy!

whole foods salad roll

I went to the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco on January 17th and found some great Paleo and 21-Day Sugar Detox food options! Here are some of my favorites.

This new lime flavor of Seasnax is SO GOOD. Totally 21-Day Sugar Detox friendly and tastes like you squeezed fresh cirtus on the nori.


Basically Paleo churros right here… Pork Clouds have a touch of sugar on them so they're not 21-Day Sugar Detox friendly, but they are AMAZING. I chatted briefly with someone from the company and I hope to see some improvement in the pig sourcing down the road but these are a good travel snack option for sure! You can find these on Amazon, if not locally in stores. Their savory flavors are great too!

Pork Clouds

This carrot flavored kombucha from Health-ade was delish! Super fresh tasting, not overly carrot-y, but clean and yummy. For anyone concerned that they don't want to do fruit-flavored kombuchas, this was great and it's definitely 21-Day Sugar Detox friendly and a good Practical Paleo option! They also make a beet-flavored one which I think needs lemon added for sure… and a ginger lemon and lots of other fruit flavors, too.

Healthade Kombucha

Taza Chocolate is the real deal. If you want a junk-free, high-quality organic & fair trade chocolate, check them out. They also have a newish bar that's called Wicked Dark and is a 95% and is legit.

Taza Chocolate

Another lovely 21-Day Sugar Detox friendly product is Hint Water, a San Francisco based company. I spoke to one of the owners about what “natural flavors” means in the product. His explanation was a bit longer than I can write out, but essentially here's what is important to know about them for this product: they are not junk 😉 Truthfully, since they aren't extracts or oils, for example, it's hard to label them specifically.

Also, in certain flavors like strawberry he explained to me that only using strawberry flavor in the product wouldn't actually yield a natural tasting strawberry flavor – it takes a combination of flavors to do that. I presume that the notes of flavor we get in a whole foods, much like the nutrition, are equal to more than the sum of their parts… in other words, it's all more complicated than it seems to get us a product that mimics nature.

That said, the company is legit and doing things right!Hint Water also has a sparkling line as well that many of you may enjoy.

The owner I spoke to said they won't be available in cans until he can find a BPA free can to use. He claimed that all soda style cans currently are not BPA free and while they say they don't leech, he's unsure and doesn't want to sell something healthy that then becomes unhealthy for people. His overall demeanor was calm and kind – I liked that dude a lot.

Hint water


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Pictured below are some great meals I enjoyed this week on my Macros Meal Plan.

  • Breakfast: white rice, salmon sashimi, a poached egg, a crumbled Seasnax sheet, sesame seeds, and a coconut aminos/organic rice vinegar/fish sauce poured on top
  • Tacos: marinated grass-fed steak from Stemple Creek topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms
  • Tea: a green tea blend to keep warm and cozy. What I did NOT eat: that amazing looking chocolate peanut butter Krispy Treat that Scott grabbed after we both ate our salads at Blue Barn.
  • Burger Bar: we had friends over  and grilled up some grass-fed beef patties to top (or side) with whatever people wanted: Sir Kensington's mustard, TJs organic ketchup, Sonoma Brinery's pickles, caramelized onions (homemade), guac (homemade), Jackson's Honest purple chips, Pete's Paleo bacon, Primal Kitchen's mayo/ my Magic Green Sauce combo, goat cheese, and a choice of either lettuce wrap or one of two types of gluten-free buns: Canyon Gluten Free or Bread Srsly.  We do NOT mess around when we say we are making burgers! I had 2 mini patties with lettuce wraps and some toppings.

macros breakfast  macros tacos tea macros Burger Bar

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