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  1. Just saw your Snapchat and first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And THANK YOU for your site, podcast, snaps and books (just bought 21 sugar detox cook book yesterday Wohooo!)
    Question; on your snap you were eating hamburger w glutenfree bread for lunch but WHERE can I get these??? Dying for some good burgers!! Haven’t had one in 3 years 🙁
    Thank you again!

  2. I recently posted this review to because I believe everyone should read Practical Paleo, 2nd edition! Whether you are already a paleo warrior, just embarking on the paleo lifestyle, or seeking help for a health condition, Practical Paleo will catapult your understanding of what a paleo lifestyle is and why to adopt it. Diane Sanfilippo will also motivate you to begin and to stick with paleo eating with her wit and impressive knowledge. The updated edition really is valuable with new chapters and new recipes and an even more user friendly graphic design. As a health coach, cooking teacher, and paleo practitioner myself, I thought I understood the workings of the gut and the chemistry of whole foods, but Practical Paleo demonstrates the relationships between what we eat and our systems’ functioning. As someone newly diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, I find Practical Paleo an invaluable reference for understanding and treating leaky gut–the cause of many autoimmune conditions. And when I’m hungry, Practical Paleo has me covered with delicious easy recipes to appeal to any taste and any food restrictions. Every recipe includes beautiful photography and simple substitution guides. I’ve never reviewed a book before on any bookseller’s site and I am not affiliated with Practical Paleo or the author or publisher in any way. I simply want everyone to buy this book. Everyone on my holiday shopping list is getting this book this year.

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  3. I just bought Practical Paleo 2e. Thank you so much. This book is great. I have a question concerning the meal plans. Do I only eat what’s writing or do I make sure I build my plate the way you show on page 52. Thank you so much.

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      Well, what’s written is the food itself, but the plates are guidelines of how much roughly to eat of those foods. The servings sizes noted on the recipes themselves are as a general guide, but you may vary it to your needs. Does that help? Let me know if you have more questions! 🙂

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  4. I wanted to let Diane know that I tried the Pumpkin Pancakes in your first cookbook: “Practical Paleo.” I used unsweetened applesauce instead of maple syrup, and it worked! The pancakes were fabulous!
    I will try to substitute sweet potato for pancake next time.

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  5. Resulting from your very helpful book I have now been sugar-free for two months and intend to remain so.
    The detailed outline, menus and step-by-step guide of what to expect helped me through those first tricky days. I particularly welcomed your description of finding DAY 3and DAY 4 difficult. So many times in the past, I have got to three days and then given up in despair.
    I feel better, am slimming down and there have been some other unexpected benefits. For instance, my fingernails are better than they have ever been. They are not splitting and the vertical ridges are disappearing. But, most importantly, I have discovered that I am probably wheat intolerant. I’ve suspected this before but never had the perseverance to test it.
    It took 16 days of your plan for this to show up. At DAY 16, I noted in my diary that I was not feeling so bloated. At that point, against your advice, I re-introduced pasta, thinking it safe to do so in terms of sugar intake, and the bloating returned in a few days. I looked up celiac disease and all its associations. It turned out there was a clue at DAY 4. Collections of discoloured spots and bumps under my bra-line that I had always assumed were age spots (even though not subjected to much sun) flared up and became red, blotchy and itchy on DAY 4 (as you predicted for acne!) and subsided to almost nothing afterwards. I believe these may be Dermatitis herpitiformis, which is associated with celiac disease.
    I asked my doctor for a blood test for celiac disease. Medics had not suggested this before as I do not have severe gut pains or irritable bowel. Although the blood test came back ‘satisfactory’ and has not confirmed that I have celiac disease, the doctor agrees from my description of symptoms that I probably do have gluten intolerance, particularly as I do not each processed foods and nothing else has shown up in comprehensive blood tests.
    I cannot tell you how grateful I am. I feel rejuvenated and now that the craving for sugar has gone away I am content to contemplate being sugar-free for the rest of my life. Encouraged by your plan, I will also stick to gluten-free .
    Have you thought of marketing a T-shirt? I’d like one that says ‘Sugar-free and tasty on the front’ and ‘Say no to sugar’ on the back. When my energy is fully restored, I’ll design my own maybe!
    Thank you,

    1. Post

      Hi Bridget –

      Thanks for the note and I’m thrilled to hear how well you’re doing with the 21DSD!! I think my team would love to share your story with our readers – would you be up for that?

      We did think about T shirts but really came up a bit empty handed thus far, but will keep thinking about it.


      1. Hi Diane, thanks for your lovely warm reply. I am very happy for you to share my comments with other readers. I notice there is a typo – it should say I don’t eat processed foods, not each! All the best, Bridget

  6. Hi Diane. I was referred to you by my cousin, Terry Wahls, who wrote the Wahls Protocol. I have been following paleo for 3 and a half years, lost 25 pounds, kept it off, healed sinuses, acne and excema. I believe in paleo, anti- inflammation and am living proof that it works. Anyway, I’m in the midst of a career transition and would like to do something that I am passionate about. Can you tell me about your Paleo World certification program?

    Sara Wahls

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  7. Hey, Diane – One simple question. Have read all about Practical Paleo 2nd ed., but also had a few reviewers on Amazon say that the 21DSD should happen ‘first.’ I’m more than willing to try both books, and work into Paleo for the new year, as I need to lose @85 pounds. (62 y.o. Male, 6’2″, 285) to avoid diabetes, etc.

    So, is it a good/bad/ silly idea to start the 21DSD, and then move to Practical Paleo? Or should I just start with PP?


  8. Can you help me determine if your Squeaky Clean plan in the book feeds a family of 4? I’ve downloaded the shopping list, but unsure of how to increase the list to fit our family. Your help is appreciated!

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  9. Hi Diane,
    What books, besides your own, would you recommend to someone trying to get their health back. My daughter who is 24 y/o is trying to heal from chicken skin, rosacea, bad pms, periods, eye sensitivity, alcohol stench (when drinks) and fatigue. She recently went to see a functional medical dr. and is waiting to hear her results from her blood tests. She currently has all your books courtesy of her mother. The Dr. thinks its adrenal gland fatique and a issue with gluten. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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      I think it would be great for her to read “Eat the Yolks” for some background on nutrition as a solid foundation. From there, possibly one of Dr. Sarah Gottfried’s books. I would recommend she listen to my podcast as well and search this site’s podcast archives by topics for more resources! All of my books/recipes are gluten-free, as you know!

  10. I am just starting in the Paleo lifestyle although I follow many of the guidelines already without realizing it. I guess I have a few questions… Like when following one of the 30-day meal plans in the Practical Paleo book, if I have an allergy to shellfish and cannot eat it what would you suggest I substitute the recipe for like what other recipes would you suggest? Also I live in a small rural area and don’t have much for Outlets when it comes to different types of food so if I can’t find something like lamb or Buffalo or something like that what would you suggest I do to alter my menu for those situations? Thank you so much for your time in answering this! I am really excited to have picked up the Practical Paleo book I cannot believe how blind so many people including myself have been or are when it comes to good nutrition! I finally am beginning to understand how off I have been and how much food affect you in different ways I cannot wait to finally feel good! I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone I’m already promoting it!

    1. Post

      You can swap any proteins you like in the plan. I recommend swapping any red meat for another – beef instead of lamb, etc. Don’t stress much over those details! You can do this!!! 🙂

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