How I Eat When I Travel

How I stay on track eating-wise while traveling | Diane Sanfilippo

One question I’m asked a lot is how I stay on track eating-wise while traveling. Here are some examples of how I make choices that help me feel my best when I’m away from home. All of these were keto choices for me. A late morning breakfast out at Lemon Press in Nantucket – I ordered a salad with chicken and feta. …


10 things that losing the same 10 pounds over and over again has taught me.

10 things that losing the same 10 pounds over and over again has taught me. | Diane Sanfilippo

Some of you may know this, others may not, but I am exceptionally good at gaining weight. I cook delicious food, and I often over-work and over-stress myself in ways that make the balance of my life tip. And, so, it happens. But over the years (and facing down the big 4-0 in a couple of weeks), I’ve learned a …


ER nurse transitions to Paleo and now uses Practical Paleo as a textbook

A few years ago I would have laughed at you if you told me I would be writing a blog for a food website. I regularly burned dinner, which mostly consisted of ingredients from a box. I lived on fat free yogurt, and swore by bagels as being the ultimate health food. Thank goodness for a wake-up call from the …


4 Super-foods the media tells you are unhealthy

If you’re looking for a post about acai, gogi berries, flax, or chia seeds… keep moving, because this isn’t it. These super-foods are all from animals. Yes, animals. If you were to leave me off somewhere on an island with either only plants or animals to eat for my survival, do you want to guess which I would choose? Here’s …


A Biochem Snapshot: 5 Facts That Keep Me Paleo

Quick reminder for those of you reading this post on or before January 14, 2013 – The Toadally Primal Wellness Bundles of 33 eBooks for just $39 (a $479 value) ends at 11:59pm on 1/14/13 – don’t miss out! Get the details here. Hey folks! Remember Courtney who you met not long ago? Well, here’s a great post from her …


Paleo Recipes for Autoimmune Conditions

Paleo recipes for autoimmunity

Since the release of Practical Paleo, the response to the section on eating for autoimmune conditions has been overwhelming. By popular demand, I am developing a downloadable cookbook with brand new autoimmune-friendly recipes, more meal plans, and tips for following this difficult way of healing your body through food. We asked you to tell us what type of recipes you’d like to …


Autoimmune Protocol for Paleo – we need your feedback

Since the release of Practical Paleo, the response to the section on autoimmunity – especially the autoimmune-friendly recipes and meal plan – has been overwhelming. I’ve gotten hundreds of requests for more recipes, more meal plans, more help in general with eating in what is sometimes a very challenging way. A new resource is in the works! I’m developing a …